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Why would someone be classed as unfit for cardioversion I had one in July 2018 it only lasted 2 days . Has anyone else experienced this, I have never seen my cardiologist at clinic just the specialist nurse but never dared to ask why

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Unfit for? Not sure what that means. They may just have decided that since it did not hold then they do not want to bother trying again. I have never heard of any health issues to prevent it which unfit for might suggest. I think you may need to get a second opinion if it worries you. Seems almost criminal that you have never seen the consultant. I am a great believer in specialist arrhythmia nurses having worked on the BHF committee which trialed the posts some years ago but that is silly.

Muppetmum in reply to BobD

Thanks bob, I think the next time I see her I will ask why, the only thing I can think of is I remember saying ouch, I obviously remember nothing else, no pain etc however I did notice a slight burn mark where I had been zapped but nothing more, I did ask the nurse on ward if I actually had said ouch to which she did affirm that that word came out of my mouth loudly

Muppetmum in reply to BobD

I am unfit for further cardioversion

I had a cardio version two years ago and it lasted one day. No more after that

When I questioned why I had not been offered another cardioversion after two previous ones had lasted over a year until another medical procedure had disturbed my vagus nerve. I was told that the echo had shown that my right atrium size showed it as unlikely that the cardioversion would be successful. It can be either atrium that is the culprit. However if they first do a cryoablation it will change the size of the right atrium and they can then do a cardioversion.

There are quite a few online studies on this.

Muppetmum, please don't be afraid to ask questions from anyone who is involved in your care. Read up about your condition, (all on this site) and make a list of the things you want to know. When are you next due at the clinic?

Muppetmum in reply to irene75359

I’m awaiting the results of the spiderflash I’ve not got an appointment booked as yet

irene75359 in reply to Muppetmum

I have learned something today - I had to go and look up Spiderflash. Let us know how you get on.

It's over nine years since I last saw a specialist arrhythmia nurse and to be honest she couldn't answer most of my questions and the answers did give seem to have come from the 'computer says no ' school of thought probably to do with the tick box society we live in today. I would demand to see a consultant but make sure you go armed ie ask questions first on here you may get better answers as these nurses tend to be a stop gap. The answer they gave you only supports this especially without an explanation.

Muppetmum in reply to Maril1

Ty maril

I have had two first one was ok for a week second failed so in permanant AF but they do give you a good check over first so not sure why you were not good to have one. Strange they didn't say.

Muppetmum in reply to ducati848

I had the first one that lasted 2 days but sent a letter to say unfit for further

BobDVolunteer in reply to Muppetmum

It is this word "unfit " that anoys me as it is jusy plain silly. Unsuitable makes sense for lots of reasons but not unfit.

I had a cardioversion which lasted for three days until I was back in AF. I went to A and E a couple of times in the following few months, they looked at my notes and decided that another one wouldn't be any use. The word 'unfit' could have been used to mean that you were not a suitable candidate for further cardioversions.

How long were you in AF for before the Cardioversion , what medications were you on just prior to it ?

Muppetmum in reply to Steveinoz

I was diagnosed 6th June last year I was on 5mg bisoprolol and 2x 5mg apixaban I was in and out of resus at least twice a week in the beginning so a Dravidian was made to do a cardioversion on one of these days around 5 weeks after starting on the meds , I was still on the same medication post cv until around October last year when I collapsed in my gp surgery where they found my heart rate was 26bpm I am now still on the same for apixaban but 2.5mg bisoprolol , since about February I am finding that my heart rate is getting higher and higher sometimes reaching 130 at rest so I’m hoping the spider flash results will give some indication of what is going on

As others have said unfit I don't think means you personally are unfit just that cardioversion not likely to work. Certainly they wouldn't cardiovert if you have been in AF over 48hours without doing an ECHO to make no clots lurking.

Ask questions, if arrhythmia nurse can't help ask your GP to explain it as they will have letters from hospital. Who requested the monitor? Seems odd you have never seen a cardiologist.Did GP not refer to to cardiology?

Were you an emergency cardioversion?

keep pushing for answers

No the hospital resus alerted cardiology and I was referred through them before then I have never had any heart trouble, I originally went to hospital with violent abdominal pain in the ambulance my heart rate was normal even on the handover the ambulance technician said I had a heart rate of someone who had a pace maker fitted, however the nurse who clipped me up to an ecg replied well according to those figures she hasnt now, and the rest is history

They want to rule out the possibility of thrombus (blood clot) before they do a cardioversion, so if you haven’t been on anticoagulant for long enough, and they have not (or cannot) do a TEE or other diagnostic test to make sure there’s no thrombus, that might be the reason?

Muppet, iI have had 6 carido v`s & 2 ablations over the last 6 to 8 years. with my experience when it comes times to dealing with the doctors with your one and only heart. Right down any questions you may have along with taking someone with you, as in my case 4 ears are better than one while talking to the Dr`s. If he does not have the bedside manner to spend 5 min. with you. I would fire him and go to the clinic or hospital administer and discuss what other options there facility has to offer, or get someone else that can take the time out to help give you a comfort level you deserve. Sorry for the rant.

I wish you good luck!

Muppetmum in reply to Afibagain

Ty af

I’ve had 5 and the longest lasted about a week.The last time my heart rate went down to 23 and things weren’t good for awhile. I’ve since had pace and ablate, best thing I’ve done. Good luck😀

Ty Jenny

They may mean that further cardioversions won't work. There are cardiologists that believe cardioversions don't work in general because the AF will eventually come back and that it won't last as long as other options such as different drugs, ablation, etc.

The first 2 I had did not convert, the 3rd one I converted and it lasted 20 months. I was told the first 2 failed due to the type of antiarrhymic drugs I was on at the time. I have had 17 in 5 years and all have been successful at converting me except the first two.

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