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Afib Ablation time is near!


Hello all! New guy here. I've been browsing the forums for a few months now but haven't posted anything. Just wanted to let you guys know how helpful it has been to hear all of your stories and how much I appreciate it. For some background I'm a 28 year old fella from the states. Have had diagnosed PAF since 2011 (though ectopics and the like I experienced for years beforehand). Episodes always start in my sleep and are fast (160-215bpm). Had about 1 episode every 7-11 months for the first few years and then nothing for almost 4 years. In November I had the most hellishly symptomatic episode I have ever experienced followed by another in early January. With my age my EP really does not want me on meds for the long term if at all avoidable, so I'm in for my cryo PVI next Wednesday. Of course a bit nervous, but I know doing this at 28 will be far better than years from now when the afib likely becomes persistent. Thanks again everyone for sharing your stories and giving me a place to quell some of my fears. Cheers!


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Good luck Chris. I hope your AF is simple and responds to the cryo but at least you will then know all about ablation and not be worried if you need an RF touch up later.

Don't forget to read our fact sheets on preparing for and recovering from ablation . Go to AF Association website and download.

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Thanks Bob! Hope things are going well for you after your rough patch a couple months back.

All the best Altius, a good decision for someone of your age. Hope all goes well and please let us know know how you get on.

Best wishes for your procedure and freedom from arrhythmia. These really awful episodes are horrendous as I know from personal experience. Hard to describe how dreadful they make us feel and the impact they have on our psyche. Good luck and here's to an arrhythmia free future.

Best wishes for next Wednesday. Please let us know how it all goes.


Good luck Chris

Awe you’re so young! I’m sure you are a bit nervous but that will fade away once you get in there, they take over....hers to a positive outcome....good luck


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I agree. Once you get into the system, the fears diminish somewhat. The technology impresses and you get very well looked after - see today's 'Ablation done 'post by Helenfox

All good wishes, Altius - we are all apprehensive, some of us because we have old hearts that have misbehaved quite a bit over many years.

Easy to say don’t be scared as I’m worlds worst at worrying but I promise it’s not as bad as what your mind has imagined. The expertise and care is second to none and it really is so worth it! My first procedure was when I was 37 and lasted a good 10 years before symptoms crept back. 13 years on I feel very positive about my second one being just as successful. I notice you are quite young! I am taking part in a study under Dr Ingrid Dumitriu / cardiovascular immunology molecular research at St. George’s, which aims to investigate changes in the immune cells from patients younger in age who have af compared to healthy subjects. There’s no direct benefits to me being on the study but it only involves blood samples and follow up and it may help future patients with af. Because your so young it may be something you’d consider?

Wish you the very best of luck! You’ll be fine 😊

Thank you for telling us your story, and I wish you all the luck in the world that this will work for you. Please come back and let us know how you are.

All the very best luck for your procedure.

Remember to take it easy afterwards!

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