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Post ablation

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I am a week post ablation. When I woke from anaesthetic I had an aura of kaleidoscope lights in both eyes, worse in my left eye. I informed the nurse, but he ignored it, I again had the aura 3 days post ablation, so did some research, and this is an indicator of a TIA or catestophic stroke. I take apixaban, and have made an appt to see my gp.

Has anyone else had this and if so, what action did you take.

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I had a few episodes of ocular aura after my ablation in September. I posted some pictures from the internet with this post so have a look and see if that’s something similar to what you’re experiencing. Ocular aura is not uncommon after an AF ablation. It’s always worth checking with the medical experts though if you are worried.

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This is actually a very common side effect of ablation caused by the transeptal puncture. We discuss it in our "Recovering from Ablation " fact sheet and it should pass after a couiple of weeks.

I had my Ablation 3 yrs ago at Liverpool.Following the Ablation I had the kaleidoscope of colour flashing lights none of the nursing staff or the Drs had heard of this happening and were completely baffled...Not wanting to make a nuisance of myself l kind of apologized for mentioning it as there was a fuss as seemingly they thought l could have had a stroke..Anyway end of story they told me as they were still learning themselves about AF this was a learning experience for them too.

Hi, Post Ablation, I too had the aura of a migraine whilst coming round. I get these every few years without the headache, paracetamol and a towel over my head. No they go away within half an hour.

Consultant not overly concerned and not had an episode since.. 8 months+

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