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Kardia or Emay

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I’m familiar with the Kardia heart monitor, but not the Emay. It seems to have good reviews, is anyone on here using it? amazon.co.uk/EMAY-Handheld-...

I have Paroxsysmal AF but get short runs of arrythmias that I can never capture at the docs/hospital, my EP suggested getting one.

Many thanks


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I use a Contec PM10 which I think is similar to the Emay. I am very pleased with it, it has wide diagnostic capability and seems quite accurate. It has FDA approval. You can print out your ECG from your computer to show your Dr, or the Dr can download the programme from their website. I find it more convenient than the Kardia.

I love my Kardia. I print out a couple of ECGs to take when I see my EP or email them to him if I have unusual rhythms and need advice. I don’t know anything about the Emay so can’t comment on that.

That gives me 3 to chose from! Decisions decisions.

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cuore in reply to Devondan

Someone mentioned another one -- Heal Force Prince 180B , although there is a 180D version now.

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Devondan in reply to cuore

I made the decision and bought the Kardia, mostly as it was what my EP recommended. It should arrive today with any luck.

I use Kardia which seems to accurately detect any abnormal cardiac rhythms.

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