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Some interesting figures from Oxford Heart Journal

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As some of you may know, I have been whittering about ablation pros and cons for ages,12 to 18 month waiting list at our hospital,and Im 8 months gone! I had an appointment cancelled and have asked to see consultant again,last spoke 20th April.Nhs appointment,,,31st MAY. So wrestled with my conscience a bit but have gone private.19th December...

So anyway,spoke with my biologist brother and asked him to have a scout about.

Heres what he sent me, havent had chance to speak to him yet,and he didnt put a reference in,other than this info was taken from the Oxford Heart Journal, a well respected cardiology periodical apparently.

" The op reduces stroke risk by 30% and the risk of premature heart attack by 50%. The risk factor is very low for a surgical proceedure,estimated at 1 in a 1000 that a serious complication might result.It all depends on medication responses as to whether patients might e!ect to have this done.Many people with flutters and fibs lead long happy lives on medication and never bother with ablation. If it gets that a normal day,with normal activity gets few and far between,thats when most people seem to go for ablation."

Something to think about! I have no further infor o the statistics but thought it was encouraging.

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Sounds about right. Don't forget it is only ever abaout quality of life as no treatment is a cure.

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Thats right Bob.No miracles yet!

I've had an ablation. Although it wasn't successful in my case (it wasn't for AF) I have no regrets. It's a very routine procedure and very safe.

As Bob says, it's generally only considered in order to improve quality of life, so it's interesting to see the stats on stroke and heart attack risk. Another factor to consider is how one feels about taking medications long term.

I went private, too, because of the rate of progress through the System. As one gets older, a delay represents a much larger percentage of the time one has remaining 😊. In going private, I hope you took the opportunity to seek out an expert with a good reputation and that you have full confidence in.

Best wishes for Wednesday.

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wilsond in reply to IanMK

Thank you ian,only going private for discussion but still worth it x

The latest research indicates that ablations do not reduce stroke risk, they are more for symptom relief. Have you made all the lifestyle changes that can make a fundamental difference?

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Working on weight reduction,already keep very close eye on diet,alcohol,stress etc...wait and see?!!

The debate between cardioligists and electrophysiologists continues. Both routes seem (from my research) to offer no significant advantage over the over. Ablation may require multiple procedures whilst the chemical route can be intolerable to some due to side effects. Dr. Google has various trials which analyse the pros and cons, the most recent being the"Cabana" trial. (Don't be confused with both camps having the same surname!). Ultimately you will be guided by your medical professional. From my perspective i am happy with my chemical route which has "cured" my AF. Bit like Brexit, though Brexit has more if and and gates!

Good luck with which ever gate you enter.

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wilsond in reply to bennie06

Thank you bennie,just trying to make some sense/ informed decisions here....I feel the same as you and nervous of ablation..essentially a destructive proceedure,when I am ..most!y...controlled by medications atm....

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