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R Test Results

I saw the Cardiology Consultant yesterday for the results of the 7 day event monitor I had last week (photo of monitor posted a few days ago).

All seems fine apart from a few brief runs of svt lasting only a few seconds, so keep taking the Flecainide & Apixaban & review in 6 months.

Part of me wishes I had asked to see the report so I could see if anything triggered the svt, but on the other hand, I feel generally well, so don’t want to over analyse. What would you do?

Pat x

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BobD profile image

Hit the nail on the head there Pat . Don't over think it. A leading EP once told me that if it lasts less that 30 seconds it doesn't need a name.

in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, I think common sense can help to overcome some of the anxiety this condition causes.

Take care of your Harry Potter scar.

Pat x

Totally agree with Roger Moore 🤨 but intrigued to know what seeing the report would actually tell you in terms of what might have caused the SVT to occur.....

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BobDVolunteer in reply to FlapJack

Roger Moore with a black eye this morning FJ . I guess all the poking about did that. Got the bandage off so just a huge dressing now. Bring it on Voldemort.

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Bagrat in reply to BobD

Good for milking the sympathy Bob. Hope it all fades quickly.

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