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Post ablation Pill in pocket medication expiry dates

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My ablation was 8 months ago and I've barely felt an ectopic since that day. But I'm under no illusions I'm "cured" forever; AF may return any day.

Currently I still carry flecainide around with me, just in case. This feels even more important to do if I'm away from home, particularly in more remote places or abroad.

Do other ablatees carry medication around with them? Do you keep it up to date? I haven't checked the expiry date on mine, but they will expire at some point. I doubt my GP would prescribe any more, and I'm no longer on the books with the Cardiology department.

I was pretty symptomatic during an AF event. If it happens and I had no pills to take I'd probably have to head straight to the hospital.

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YES!!! This was so important when it happened to me and I had to go throught my meds to find a batch still in date. I do actually have propafanone on my repeat list and about once a year I have ticked it to get a new packet so since mine seem to have a 2 year shelf life there was no problem. Why not discuss with your GP to see if you can do this. My local hospital also have annual appointments for cardiac patients so this would have been another oportunity for me to get sorted with drugs.

My GP will give me 20 when I ask for them . They usually have a 2 year expiry on them.

Always carry a few with me just in case.

All the best


Yes. I can also order them on my repeat prescription when necessary.

You say your ablation was for ectopic S? I am interested as I have these now. About every 15 secs.

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No, it was for AF. But before the ablation I used to get bad runs of ectopics too. Now I notice no more than a couple of ectopics a day.

I can't see why GP wouldn't give script for pill in pocket. My OH has GTN spray which he never uses but can always get more when expires. Your GP won't know if you've used it or not.

I always carry atenolol and short acting flecainide (this is my PiP regime) when I travel overseas.

Your GP should fill your cardio drugs. It’s cheaper than an A&E visit! If you don’t end up using them before expiry that is good news!

Day-to-day I’m never more than an hour or so from home so don’t carry it but keep a stock at home.

I’m concerned that you’re only 8 months post ablation and the cardio dept have signed you off their books? You should be followed up until 12 months post and then annually. Being proactive will help your heart stay healthy.

I’m really glad your procedure has gone well and your AF is well controlled :)

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UScore in reply to 007talullah

They were quite clear up front that all being well I'd be discharged after 6 months.

If AF returns I have to start all over again with a referral from my GP.

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