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Different presentation of AF


How my AF presents has changed AF has nearly always occurred at night Now I wake with my heart thumping and bumping as if it’s trying to escape I can hear my heart beats My neck pulse is pulsating and I am very aware of this Every so often I will come over hot, feel as if I am going to faint and just as I get to the point when I feel I will it’s over Once the episode is over I’m left with a headache and feel so tired Does anyone else experience this I am on Flecanide, Atenolol,Rivaroxaban and Atenolol Thanks

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Sounds pretty normal to me. AF is pretty mongrel and does change and present differently to different people and at different times. This is why it is so hard to treat!

Von19 in reply to BobD

Thanks for that I was so worried I was heading for a stroke

Yes - I have that too, and it seems scarier at night! Sometimes all is quiet and I can even lie on my left side and then, another time - as last week, if I lie on my left side, my heart starts thumping and getting slightly erratic. I have always been symptomatic and feel faint and dizzy and as if I am going to pass out, and maybe die! However, since my second ablation in June (at Royal Brompton Hospital) - things have improved and are nothing like as extreme but - there is still the odd little thing. Just now I suddenly felt dizzy and light headed and my heart raced as I am sitting at my laptop! Why??? There was a loud Fire Alarm that went off earlier and I nearly jumped out of my skin and I know it affected my heart, but this reaction has occurred 2 hours later so - was it that? I am on Bisoprolol and Rivaroxaban. Atrial Fibrillation is a very scary thing.

Von19 in reply to fifitb

Thanks Your reply has helped me

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