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Hello everyone, not been on here for a while (all was going well). Had my second pvi ablation in March 2018 and have had no problems whatsoever during recovery period or since up until yesterday (30th October 2018) had skipped beats for about 15 minutes off and on and then my heart started beating really fast for about a minute until i lay down on my back and relaxed. I had exercised on a bike a few hours earlier and most unlike me i forgot to rehydrate afterwards so i am hoping this was just a blip and not the start of the slippery slope. Anyone had similar? thankyou

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A few times in the last ten years. If it self corrects after that little time I would try to move on. Stay well hydrated in future.

I always ensure that I am well hydrated on a bike ride. Water supplemented by electrolytes in, quite cheap from places like Aldi or Lidl (other supermarkets are available). My worst AF attack was on a very hot day and after a big effort up a hill.

I had ablation in January but I still get d?sone ectopics but They never lasted 15 mins. However it was characterised by a few ectopics and the longer they went on I got a much faster heart rate. After a few weeks I got to realise my reaction to the ectopics was causing the fast heart : as the ectopics kicked of I tensed up, thought "oh s**t AF is back!," semi panic and some anger and my hr shoots up!

So I just tried to ignore them. Result after a while is my hr stopped increasing, and I was able to ignore them more, so much during the day I do not notice them at all. Sometimes I get them as I am trying to go to sleep when all is quiet and you can hear the beats, but no longer a fast hr increase.

Not saying your symptoms/reaction is the same but there is no harm trying!

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