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Yesterday I saw a proffesor Gregory Lip in Birmingham who is a teaching doctor and a specialist for a fib and asked him about medication as on a chads vasc score I come out as 0 but when I had a m r I scan it showed a little white matter and if you put this in as a stroke it gives me 2 points ,in his opinion you don’t take the images of the m r I And discount them and he does not recognise this as a stroke so I do come down to nil points but interestingly he said my cardiologist was 100 per cent right in giving me riverroxabsan for life long meds as my left atrium is enlarged moderately,must admit I knew that having enlarged atrium put you at a slightly higher risk of stroke but did not think meds could be prescribed just for this condition

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Martin just remember that Greg Lip was one of the people who developed CHADSVASC score system so take his word for it.

Martin32 in reply to BobD

Yes Bob a very clever man with regards to a fib

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