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Gender Differences


I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations with my EP over the past couple of days.

He said I’m one of the worse cases he’s seen as far as reactions go post ablation - pericarditis, upper gastrointestinal issues and multiple daily AF episodes. He is still confident of a positive outcome once we get through all this.

Anyway he explained the link between my issues and my highly effective immune system. Apparently women have stronger immune responses than men and whilst that’s good as far as fighting off infections, it also means that a women’s immune system is more likely to overreact (no cheeky comments now 😜). An overstimulated immune system can attack healthy tissue like in auto immune diseases, which often hit women aged 35-60.

So, I have some extra drugs for a few days (Prednisolone and Colchicine) and a couple of changes to my drug regime. It’s 6 weeks tomorrow since my ablation. I will get there 🤪

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Sounds interesting Kaz, at least you're staying strong and with a positive outlook which probably goes a long way on the road to recovery. 😀xx

Kaz747 in reply to Angie06

Thanks Angie. No point being miserable. That said I’m looking forward to kissing 2018 goodbye 💋


Kaz I know you will if only because you are such a strong minded person. Positive thought is SO important in any such case and not everybody has this talent. Well done and keep the faith.

Interesting that there are so many physiological differences between the genders. (If one is still allowed to call them such.) I know that ECGs read differently for men and women as I had to program this into the machine I borrowed when doing random checks for Heart Rhythm Week a few years ago but did not know about the immune system. Makes sense now that most of the people I know with auto immune conditions such as RA or MG etc are ladies.

Kaz747 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. Yes, gender differences in immune response is yet another chapter in this learning journey.

Thank you for all the information you pass on to us Kaz. Interesting about the immune system. Sorry you've been through so much, I hope brighter days are ahead and you will soon be really well again.

Best wishes


Kaz747 in reply to jeanjeannie50

Thanks Jean x

I hope it all comes right for you. x

Kaz747 in reply to grandmadogs

Thank you x

Makes sense. I’m having similar issues and I am in good shape otherwise. I live a very healthy lifestyle. Glad I read this encouraging post!!

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