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?? Back in AFib


Had a stressful week. Been in sinus rhythm since ablation in May. Been told to stop my medication. This week I have been told I have breast cancer. Awaiting my treatment plan. I’m not sleeping too well and this morning my heart rate has gone up. Not sure if it’s just a tachycardia episode or AFib. I feel anxious I must say.

What else can be thrown at me? 🙄🙄

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Oh bless you, it sounds like you're going through bit of a rough patch in your life right now. Do you have someone with you while you are in AF? What is your heart rate and is it making you feel ill?

You ask what else can be thrown at you, well I can tell you it will be love and support from this forum.

I'm afraid I know nothing about breast cancer, but I'm sure others will be along soon who can give words of advice relating to that.

Big healing hug.


Thank you. Think as it’s early days I haven’t had a chance to get used to the idea yet! Think it’s lack of sleep and anxiety. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Lack of sleep certainly has a lot to answer for!


Big hugs . Been there (but not breast cancer-- prostate). That was seven years ago and I am still here.

Drummerswidow in reply to BobD

I think it’s the not knowing what treatment I need. I have too many people to upset yet, so I’m not going anywhere! 😂😂😂

Hang in there, it’s not surprising that things are going a bit haywire but hopefully once your treatment has been clarified things will be a little more calmer. Are you able to get support from family and friends as any diversion would be helpful. Nothing we can say will stop it from being a difficult time but as we all know, there have been massive advances so try and stay positive as that makes a big difference....... big hugs

(((((((( Drummerswidow ))))))))

I do hope your treatment goes forward at a fast pace.

From the experience of my friends and family.....I do not want to quote statistics......people are living good and fruitful lives for many years after treatment so I sincerely wish this for you.

I had my scans the next day. Just waiting on the multidisciplinary meeting.

Haven’t told my family yet. Will do once I know what treatment I’m having. Friends have been good. Thank you

Sending you a big hug. Stress of any kind can set of AF and that’s pretty stressful news you’ve received. Hopefully they get your treatment plan sorted soon. Life seems to go in a ‘holding pattern’ at times like this but it will get easier when you have clarity around the steps forward xx

Sorry to hear your news. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2014, the next day I ended up in hospital with heart failure and also told I had AF. I was in hospital for 12 days. I had had an ongoing problem for 3 months with fluid retention and not feeling well but my GP put it down to womans troubles!!! Breast cancer op had to be postponed until heart issues were sorted but got there in the end. Once you have a treatment plan you will be able to see the way ahead. I was very lucky it was caught very early so had lumpectomy, radio therapy and 1 medication to be taken for five years. Next June will be the five years.

Try to not become too anxious, you will get there in the end. The operation went without any problems, AF behaved itself. they take great care of you if you have AF. Hope all goes well over the next few weeks, try not to worry.


I’m off work this week but went to see some clients today. I’m self employed. Heart seems to have settled now. Keeping occupied is going to be key I think!

Sending cyber hugs at what must be a really difficult time for you. No wonder you are feeling anxious. Once you have a treatment plan in place then I hope you will feel less so.

I think it's the unknown that can be most worrying.

One of my friends is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she has said that in many ways the hardest time was before she knew what was going to happen. She seems much more relaxed about things now than she was just after diagnosis.

Carole x

I hope that’s the same with me. I’m not blessed with a lot of patience!

Love & kisses coming your way 😘

Hi from Mike,

Don't worry just follow the medical advice with prayer

Let me tell you my dear wife has had 2x breast cancer

Sepsis, Pmr, hip replacement, broken back vertebrae

and still standing so you will be ok.

I have the A/F with Hair loss due to coagulation so between us

we are a right pair of pill poppers but we keep going

God bless you hope all goes well

Oh my goodness! I thought I’d been through troubles and illness! I am trying to be positive. Since my husband died it’s been one thing after another for me. Then this happens. Oh well I’m getting good at rolling with the falls lol

Try to stay strong though this tough time. Hopefully it is just stress that raised your heart rate and not AF.

I think it was. Today it’s okay.

Drummerswidow, What awful news! I am so very sorry. Sometimes the roads we have to cross seems so unfair, but we press on anyway. Digital hugs to you today. Maybe the heart rate accelerated from stopping all medication. What were you on? My grandmother would sometimes say when we had a bad hand, “and this too shall pass”. Hoping you get through it all as quickly and gently as possible.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Good Morning, well not that good, I’m not surprised you are having an episode. Have you got someone close to support you? A partner perhaps. You can only take what each day throws at you. Just been through it with my lovely hubby. Keep talking to your doctors, every day if necessary. And keep posting. Xxxx

Thank you. Heart rate has settled. I think it’s the anxiety of waiting for results and decisions. Off to a family celebration today but not saying anything to them.


So sorry to hear your news but battle on through like we woman do and you will soon be out on the sunny side. Lots of love and good wishes to you. 😙😙

Drummerswidow in reply to Hidden

Thank you.

Bless you. If it’s any consolation, I was diagnosed with renal cancer in 2012 and then breast cancer in 2014 and I am still here to tell the tale. In all honesty, I handled the cancers better than I handle AF.

Once you get your treatment plan it will all fall into place and you will feel much better about it and go with the flow of the treatment. I guess I was lucky. I had a mastectomy, but didnt need chemo or radiotherapy. I was prescribed a tablet to take for 5 years, but couldn’t tolerate it so it was stopped. Obviously, I am still being monitored, but so far so good.

It will also help once you feel able to share with your family. It does help to talk about it. My lovely husband was still alive when I got both of my cancers and he had been through so much cancer that he was an inspiration to me.

Sadly I lost him this year.

I wish you well with your treatment and I am sure that you will get a good outcome. Stay positive, that makes a big difference. If you can fight the dreaded AF then you can fight breast cancer. Sending you a big hug.


Val. My goodness you’ve been through a lot. So sorry to hear about your husband. My hubby passed away nearly 8 years ago. I am sure you’re right, once I have a treatment plan I will feel better, more focused.

Oh dear. So sorry to hear this.

I’m not surprised your stress levels have gone up.

It’s seems awfully soon to come off all your meds but if that was what your cardiologist suggested he /she must have thought it appropriate.

I shall pray for you that all is well soon.

Thank you x

Hang in there honey, have had afib fir twelve years, during that time had breast cancer, still alive and kicking after five years in remission, just stay positive and do everything your surgeon and oncologist tells you, be kind to yourself and put yourself first for once. Am available to chat any time if it helps.

Drummerswidow in reply to Leeson

Thank you. The thing I worry about most is my financial situation. Also I not very good st doing as I’m told! 😂😂😂😂

(Hugs) I’m in hospital with some challenges just now and one thing that puts my woes into perspective is to look round so many problems so many brave people. Also I got trapped in the toilet for a while too!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣I wish you luck xxx

Oh dear did you have to be rescued from the loo?! Hope you’re out of hospital soon and feel better. Thank you for your kind words xx

So sorry for what you are going through. You have all of our love and support . Please keep reaching out to us and know we are praying for your recovery , Gracey

Been there breast cancer, bladder cancer 10 inches of small intestine removed, lost my left kidney and ureter. AFIB and 2 conversions. Well still here and going strong had 8 months of chemo for the breast cancer plus 5 weeks of radiation. If you have good physicians and pray you will get through this. Praying for you Drummer and hope you have family support. Good Luck

Drummerswidow in reply to Maagaa

Thank you. Hope you are going strong x

I'm so sorry you've been give a diagnosis of breast cancer. Do you have a diagnosis of which kind of BC you have. If caught early, prognosis is excellent.

I was diagnosed in 2013 and have done well. My mammo will be in December and it it's clear, I've managed the 5-year survival.

It's frightening to get a cancer diagnosis, and I imagine your stress level is high and that might be causing tachycardia.

Talk to your EP doctor about this diagnosis - depending on treatment, it can affect the heart.

I am pleased that you have been clear of cancer. Good luck with the mammo in December

It really is such a shock to the system when you are diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, and I had a lumpectomy followed by 3 weeks radiotherapy and then 1 pill daily for 5 years. I could not have been looked after better by the NHS breast team in Maidstone. I found the treatment very easily tolerated, and the staff so understanding and kind. I'm sure that you will be treated equally well. Keep your chin up and keep sight of the last radiotherapy appointment from when on all being well, you can lead a normal life again.

Thank you for that. I am at Darent Valley Hospital but will go to Maidstone if I need radiotherapy. Local Hospitals get a bad press but so far so good everyone has been very kind

im so sorry. Hopefully it has been caught early and you make a full recovery. I'm not surprised your heartbeat has risen as you are probably very stressed....and scared. Chin up I recently had surgery for a brain tumour and now Afib ablation plus cardioversion and when I was told to stop flecainide I felt quite good before, now feel bad again. All fingers and toes you will be fine xx

Thank you. I hope your recovery is going well x

May you find peace, contentment and the strength to accomplish all that you wish.

Just remember ... it isn’t the end of the world ... simply FIGHT through it ... my sister in law had breast cancer many years ago ... then years later, she came down with stage four ovarian cancer ... she “beat” that (maybe five years ago) ... THEN she had breast cancer in the other breast ... maybe three years ago ... TODAY, she is as healthy as a horse ... zero cancer in her body!! Things that helped her ... she sleeps like a baby ... she has fantastic doctors ... she has a fighting spirit ... she has a great support system ... KNOW POSITIVELY THAT YOU WILL PREVAIL ... AND TALK WITH GOD EACH AND EVERY NIGHT BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP. Best, Jan

Drummerswidow in reply to Janith

My goodness she has been through so much! I will feel better when I know what treatment I will need x

Janith in reply to Drummerswidow

I know ... and she was happy through it all! I never saw her shed one tear! She sleeps like a baby ... she sleeps a lot! I think that is the reason her body heals itself. Your treatment will depend upon the “type” of cancer it is and the stage ... you said it just started so you may only need a lumpectomy and a little radiation ... you may not need chemo at all. Best, Jan

Drummerswidow in reply to Janith

I know that it’s grade 2 as I have the underarm lymph node involvement. See what the scans show.

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