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Told nothing and nothing explained.

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HI to all of you i have had an un even heart rate for as long as i can remember, always missing the odd beat, got to around 30 yrs of age and along with the four or five missed beats i would have a few minutes of 150bpm solid no missing beats.

Now four weeks ago i got up and had a good day out with my wife and son and got home sat down then stood up to make a cup of tea and it started and has been the same since 140bpm now down to 130bpm and around 10 plus missed beats a minute my blood pressure is fine after four visits to the docs and i am on bisoprolol 10mg twice a day, doc has refered me to the nhs and its 10th nov, then i looked at getting a diagnosis at private hospital as i can just afford the consult fee app is in 11 days time will my heart keep going at this rate and is it possible for someone to explain why the nhs dont see it as urgent feeling a bit sorry for myself but need to hang on in there for the sake of my son and wife many thanks wayne 49 norfolk

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6 weeks at 130 bpm seems far too long to leave it to me. In your position, I would go to A&E tomorrow, or sooner if you develop chest pain or become breathless. It may be possible to convert your rhythm with IV medication. depending on what it is. Fees for private investigation and treatment are exorbitant.

Did your GP say what the ECG showed?


Are you on anti-coagulant as weell as Bisoprolol. ? Oyster is right. you should go to A&E regardless, asap. That speed of heart rate is a no no. When you say the NHS don't take it seriously who are you talking about. ? Have you been to the hospital, A&E or otherwise. ? GPs are not always on the ball with this condition, which I can attest to. ! !

Go to A&E and i'm sure they will sort you.

Be well


Hi Danielmoto

Have you made any changes to your lifestyle? Started or stopped regular exercise or just drifted into no exercise at all? 10,000 steps a day? Work in a job where you are sitting down a lot? Your heart is a muscle and like most muscles you use it or slowly but surely lose it.

Have you changed your diet? Put weight on? Been out on the beer? Swigging lots of coffee? Lifestyle attracts a lot of comments on this site and some contributors swear by it to the point where the pills become less and less necessary

Hi Daniel

I've discovered that the advice from GP's regarding an abnormal heart rate varies greatly. One was concerned that my rate was 115 and said she didn't like the idea of me walking around at that rate and if it continued I was to go straight to A&E. Another time I went to my surgery with a constant heart rate of 150 feeling extremely ill and was told by a different GP to go home and take another Flecainide tablet, if that hadn't worked after a few hours then go to A&E. It did revert.

I was once hospitalised with a fast AF rate, but when it dropped a little was sent home with a rate of 120-130 pending a cardioversion weeks later. I felt really ill with it and couldn't walk far.

I've had 13 years of AF and my advice to you is that if you are feeling ill with this rate then go straight to A&E now. Certainly just go there if it's around 130. What have you got to lose? Hearts are vital and you should see the minor things that other people go there for.

Please let us know how you get on.


I should have added that you always have the option to ask (insist) to see the on call cardiology registrar if you are not satisfied with the response you get from the A&E doctor. Sometimes you have to fight your corner.

pip_pip is right that anticoagulants may need to be considered after this length of time, and at this rate of tachycardia, even if only until you have been fully assessed by the cardiologists.

Did you really say Bisoprolol 10mg twice a day (20mg) and your heart is still at 130? I agree, off to A&E! And please tell us how you get on.

I once went to A&E with a resting HR of 130 and chest pain but the doc (a GP filling in!) told me that was not too bad and sent me off to wait for blood results. I wish I had a photo of the look on his face when he rushed back to say I was possibly having a heart attack - luckily it wasn't but the strain on my heart had affected the blood results 😊

My local hospital have told me if you get to 130 then come back to a&e.

I was asymptomatic with afib, without my hr monitor I could not tell I had it, was once running happily at 243 and could not tell. However I spent most 8 days July 17 at between 110 and 190 resting until fhey got it back to nsr wifh a flecainide infusion in the CCU, and I was absolutely knackered afterwards. Took me 3 weeks to feel half right, and I doubt the experience idid my heart any good.

I would like to thank everyone who gave me advice and just a quick update I went to a and e at the queen elizabeth hospital in kings lynn and they took me straight to the resus area (that was scarry) and treated me on a drip with amiodarone hydrochloride and my heart beat is now varying between 90=116 i cant thank you all enough for the advice and now i can look forward to my appointment with mr nick e west the heart man, big hug to you all wayne my son dan and my wife emma.

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