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Blood in urine after Af episode


Last Sunday morning I came out of AF after two days, and of course was very happy.and relieved. Went to the toilet and weed a lot of blood twice. phoned 111 and doctor saw me 1hour later. Wanted a wee sample but of course no luck. After 4 hours and ten beakers of water managed to do a little in 4 goes. Was put on Microbid and sample send for analysis. Came back no infection have to go for a cystonoscopy I think that is how you spell it. Appointment for Friday next. I wonder if there is a connection between Af, warfine and blood in urine?

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Well there is a connection between warfarin and bleeding anywhere. You need to ask at the doctor’s about getting your INR checked asap if it wasn’t done in casualty. Also mention to doctor about the antibiotics. I don’t think that one reacts with warfarin but best to check.

Rienij70 in reply to Badger2021

Thank you for your reply. My INR was 3.1 nurse phoned me and cut back by 4 mg for the week. Next test Thursday. Friday the hospital appointment for testing. Just hoping it has something to do with that, and nothing else.


A very small amount of blood looks an awful lot in wee from my experience so it may not be significant. A cystoscopy is only very slightly unpleasant (I have had many during my prostate cancer journey) but will show them if there is any problem in your water works with the added bonus that you will be able to see bits of yourself that you would not normally be able to on the TV screen. I've been on warfarin for fifteen years with no such problems so doubt it is relevant but always important to have these things checked out.

Rienij70 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, it was definitely a lot. During the Sunday and once more on the Monday morning. Oh you do cheer me up, don’t know wether I really wish to see the inside the outside is bad enough.

I’m not medically trained but as I understand it, there are thousands of tiny blood vessels in and around the nether regions and they are easily damaged which means any bleed is likely to be made worse by any anticoagulant. Very often it’s nothing serious, but needs to be checked out so you are doing the right thing......

Rienij70 in reply to FlapJack

Thank you 😊 I am having it checked out.

LOLOL.....I know what you mean. I'd want to see anyway but would be making horrible faces peeking through fingers.

Rienij70 in reply to hock217

Was bad anough when the surgeon last week pulled my skirt and knickers down at the same time to check out my hernia. I just hoped he had a fat wife. Lol. But to extually more than that on show! I Thought about leaving all my.bits below the waist on a bus.

I'm thinking dehydration? Many years ago I had a chest infection and I think that was causing me to wee a lot, anyway I was also drinking a lot too (water!) so had the mad idea to cut down on the liquid intake. Big mistake as I started passing blood and had the full works of kidney and bladder tests which came back clear. I wasn't even on anticoagulation then so I do think it is 'easy' to cause blood in urine. I hope yours turns out to have an innocent explanation, it is very scary.

Rienij70 in reply to Buffafly

Thank you Buffafly, yes I am scared I suppose it could be dehydration as when I am in Af I tend to be in and out of the loo all the time. I just hope there is a connection somehow. As it started happening within an hour of normal rhythm. Do hope you are right. 🙏

Staying hydrated is of major importance. I learned that the hard way.

Rienij70 in reply to hock217

I thought I did stay dehydrated, always drink water and lots of it but being in the morning and doing lots of wee’s during Af. You never know. You all are giving me hope. Thank you.😊

Just had phone call from the Hospital. Pre-op assessment tomorrow morning 9 o’clock. To deal with the hernia. Not a good week, Friday for the bladder. Seriously thinking about giving up.Feeling quite depressed.

Hidden in reply to Rienij70

We go through these horrid spells when suddenly everything seems to fall apart at once. Dig deep and find some fortitude to carry you through a nasty week. The weekend will soon be here and what's now lurking ahead will no longer be bothering you in the same way.

Rienij70 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😌

Never had blood in my urine until diagnosed with AF and started taking Xarelto. What was found - a stone that was moving around in the kidney. The Xarelto slows the blood from clotting, hence you see more blood in the urine. It clears up after resting and drinking plenty of fluids.

Rienij70 in reply to Haveafib

Thank you for replying after the first two days I didn’t see anymore. Had a urine test this morning in my pre op for the hernia and it showed a trace of blood. Not visible to me. I hoop that it is something like that. Last blood test was in June and kidney and liver function were fine at that point. So fingers crossed. Mind I don’t know what that means.

My husbands bowling pal had a lot of blood in his urine over a period of 3 days and then not again. All tests were negative but his INR was high and continued to be so for some time. He changed to one of the newer anticoagulants and has been fine since. Fingers crossed for a similar outcome in your case.

It sounds as though you have a lot on your plate at present and are bound to be feeling a bit fed up. However you have a lovely sense of humour !

Please let us know how you go on with your proceedures. I will be thinking of you. X

Rienij70 in reply to dedeottie

Thank you , keep hoping for a straightforward outcome not looking forward to the test but I suppose they see it all every day. Had traces of blood in urine yesterday at my pre op. But not that I could see with the naked eye. Thank you for your kindness. Xx

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