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Question about BNP


Hi, I was comparing various abnormal results with a friend today - my BNP is 763.3.My friends is 5000 yes Five thousand! I tried to find info online and to no avail. Two questions 1- does 763 mean I am in heart failure? Question 2. Is the prognosis for my friend as dreadful as I think it might be. Thank you in advance for any information at all. xo

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I had to look this up. Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) - A blood test measures levels of a protein called BPN that your heart and blood vessels make. Under 100 is normal and levels are higher if you have heart failure.

CDreamer in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the explanation! I hadn’t a clue what it meant.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Hidden

Thanks I was just about to do likewise.


In answer to your questions skipabeat (or not in fact) all things are relative. Perhaps a bad score is 20,000.

skipabeat in reply to Hidden

Hi, are there reported levels of 20,000. I cant seem to find the info online and thought maybe some heart failure individuals might be know.

Hidden in reply to skipabeat

It looks good that there don't seem to be many about!

You may find this useful in explaining the BNP figures:


I've been diagnosed with HF and a letter from my cardiologist to my GP last year stated: "BNP is very significantly elevated at 582pg/mL". I took this to mean that my BNP is (was) abnormally high.

Oh phew for a minute there I thought this related to a far right political party

Hi IanMK, I am also trying to to figure BNP numbers, mine is 763 ish but my sisters is 5000 I am very concerned. Very hard to figure out.

Thank you for your info. My test only gave me the BNP but not my nBNP pro I think one needs both to get an accurate reading. It still confuses me. Your are right in suggesting having a chat with someone qualified. Grrrr frustration plus.

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