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Wanted to say thank you for the advice a few weeks ago about my Afib


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied to my last post and gave me advice.

I bought the AliveCor Kardia straight away and as suggested asked my GP for the missing medical documents.

I saw the head consultant, who is a Cardiologist and EP, and low and behold yes there is evidence of the Afib before the Cardioversion.

Then I told him I had the AliveCor and he was like ' you have the app and readings..let me see' and I was able to show him what has been happening.

At the moment I am experiencing a lot of sinus tachycardia 130 plus, even on the meds. He said catch the Afib and we will talk Ablation.

So thanks again for all the suggestions!

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Hi Morgan :-) its good to hear you have resolved some of your issues and are finding the Kardia useful .

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