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Atrial ectopy

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Morning , just want people’s opinions really.

I had a ablation 18months ago which really helped my af and have been free of it since ! Well I thought so anyway. At the beginning of the summer I was feeling great but got myself some terrible hayfeever , and in the recommendation of the pharmacist started taking some antihistamines. After about 3/4 days I noticed lots of jumping around in my chest! So I went to see my cardiologist and got fitted with a 7 day monitor. Now I have atrial ectopy which could of already been there or brought on by these tablets , it’s not very nice and very similar to af and is literally constant but without the fatigue! I can’t take bisoprosol due to my asthma ! So have just started taking diltizem! Am I back on the road again to afib? Any recommendations on tablets ? Thanks


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Ectopcs are not AF and do not morph into AF even though they feel very noticeable. Have you tried the slow deep breathing exercise (search ectopics breathing at top right) . These exercises really do work for many people. I know how annoying they can be as I had them for three months once every second beat! Went as quicky as they arrived but that was before we knew about the breathing.

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Thank you bobd I’ll give that a try

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I found flecainide helped and I was free of everything from Christmas until July when my EP said he wanted me off them after my ablation in March. Now everything back

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