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AFIB got me but it won't stop me. My recent AFIB attack


I was so proud of my 4+ years of being AFIB free!, maybe I got a bit too relaxed? I don't really think so.

At the beginning of May 2018 I was back in AFIB. Why?

I think it was a combination of little sleep/rest, red wine(only a glass and a half), dehydration and exercise early in the morning (when I was not as fit as I should have been)

I know all my AFIB triggers(must read rules) And I follow them.

Could it have been the sulfur in the red wine? Because I drink craft and light beers regularly and it has never put me into AFIB. My cardiologist said it was because of my enlarged Atrium, but on the other hand, I have it all the time.

My last AFIB "period" is mentioned

All that I know is that AFIB will not stop me.

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Keep smiling Janco!

That's a lovely picture Hope your more settled now and relaxing

I believe you hit the nail on the head with the 'combination' theory..reduce all of them for the future. Good luck!

Oh gosh , you’ve made me realize what a tricky beast we deal with.....I’m a newbie, had it since May, but seems now to have settled down to the point maybe I’m getting to finally forget it and stopped taking my pulse a are .four years free if it and it rears it’s ugly head.... It lies silent for so long? .......phew.....

Lovely photo !! I think you are well in control of your AF - I’m in a similar situation myself. I’m utterly convinced that wine is my trigger and I have eliminated it sadly from my life but still thankfully enjoy a few beers.

Janith in reply to Chicohamilton

Wine is the culprit with me as well. However one can purchase sulfite free wine ... l haven’t tried it because l am in Europe and l want to wait until l am back in America to experiment. My cardiologist is around the corner! I do have an occasional g & t with zero issues. I have been afib free for two years and have had two attacks in total.

I like your way of thinking Janco and love the photo of you and your daughter. Yes, it could possibly have been the sulphur in the wine you drank. In supermarkets you can buy sulphur free wine, but there's not a wide choice.


4 yrs is good to be in nsr!!Most of us would be delighted but it is unfortunate that you are back in afib. More than likely cardioversion is in your future! Hope it works. Best of luck to ya

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