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Newly diagnosed AF in June 2018


I was taken to A&E. after a prolonged episode of AF, but after IV atenolol was discharged. I’m now on bisoprolol and apixiban. Normal ecg result a few days later and awaiting a cardiology appointment in October!! I have a few side effects from bisoprolol but no further AF thank goodness. Has anyone had raised anxiety ? I am 71 and am a carer for my husband. It’s very helpful to read of others experiences glad I joined this group.

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Anxiety and AF go hand in hand I'm afraid and the main thing is to try and control that before it takes over your life. Try to relax. stay well hydrated at all times and look at your life style choices. Stress, alcohol. etc all risk increasing the AF burden as does being over weight. Recent research has shown that a BMI of less than 25 often helps reduce AF burden. Read all you can from the AF Association fact sheets as knowledge is the power to reduce worry. Ask us here and we will try to help.

Sue5453 in reply to BobD

Can Hydrated bring it on

BobDVolunteer in reply to Sue5453

if you meant to say dehydration then the answer is yes. Our body needs lots of water and if we are dehydrated then the cells do not work properly.


I was diagnosed 2 1/2 yr ago. Anxiety was the hardest part for me. It took me awhile to accept life changes, meds, I wasnt dying. A fib went from being a big scary monster to an annoyance. I think it takes a few weeks for side effects to either go away or settle down. So glad your a fib left, just remember if it stops back in for a visit, stay calm, make sure you are well hydrated and try and relax. Im 65 now and retired from a stressful nursing job. Having time to take care of myself has been so helpful. There are many very knowledgeable people here that will help you. Many have dealt with a fib for decades. My mom passed away at age 97, a fib didnt slow her down💜

Weejock in reply to Hidden

Thanks for that. I still need a definite diagnosis as I am waiting for an ultrasound scan. My appointment isn’t until the end of October!! Everyone is very supportive on here. I’m glad I found it.👍

mbheart in reply to Hidden

I can relate to your post. I'm 62 and was diagnosed exactly one year ago and at first, I thought I had to do all my bucket list items in 4 months, but now I take my meds and it is basically just an annoyance. My mom has AF too and is 95 and we just returned from a week-long family reunion that didn't slow her down at all. In fact, when the plane landed back at home, the first thing she said was, when are we going on vacation again, and I mean she is talking about a river cruise in China as that's on her bucket list.

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Wow, she sounds like she is adventurous, lol. I feel fortunate that my episodes are infrequent and have not required any emergency rooms!

I was around 71 when Af struck now at 80 i have experienced the comings and goings of AF but have only ever taken Bisoprolol ....and Amplodipine for Bp.

I now have no symptoms of AF....take the good advice of this forum dont worry.

I have found that with the advent of summer and being a lot more active my Bp has gone right down.

I may add that overdoing the exercise can bring on AF so I think the key is to be active but dont strain at tasks that are too heavy.


AF begets anxiety and anxiety begets AF -- a vicious cycle.

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