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Meal Menu/Plan for Afib and High Blood Pressure

With HBP and Afib what should we eat for our three meals? Does anyone have a meal plan to follow as a guide?Also taken off water pill and now have swelling in ankles. Doctor also subscribed an antidepressent because of depression with Afib. Also wonder if that might be causing swelling. Thank you

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I try to keep my sodium intake under 2,500 mg, Alot of foods are high in sodium like processed foods, most restautant items, canned foods, even cottage cheese!!! Make sure you are drinking alot of water. Try elevating your legs higher than your heart for 30 min to an hour a couple times a day if you can. There is a yoga pose thats great if you can do it, put your butt up against the wall with legs up the wall for 30 min, thats a great on if you can physically get on the floor and do it. Also weigh yourself every morning to help track your fluid and if your weight keeps climbing, let doctor know.

As far as antidepressant, Im on one and it has helped me immensely. I also do relaxation exercises.


What antidepressent are you on? This is new to me and experiencing some side effects. I drink lots of water and out cucumber, lemons or apples in water to give it some flavor. Thank you

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Im on sertraline( zoloft). When I first started it they warned me I might have some nausea, I did off and on, no big deal. It lasted maybe a week.


My primary tried me on that for a week and 1/2 but it made me very hyper. So now a month on a new one with some side effects. They say sometimes you have to try different ones. This is my first experience with antidepressents. Afib is a real up and down. On meds for afib and bp. How long have you been on Zoloft? I think my doctor was quick to change it.


Been on it 2 yr, made a big difference with my anxiety re a fib


Drink lots of water and eat less meat and processed food. Three meals a day? I have dinner in the evening . a snack at lunchtime and a cup of tea at breakfast and have lost 1/2 stone since April. My wife is vegetarian so at least two days a week I eat with her but try not to have meat more that twice a week , more fish etc.


Some good advice there from Hoski and Bob ...I would only add exercise particularly walking brings down my blood pressure quite rapidly...Fresh air and exercise are my aphrodisiacs and help generally will feelings of


i had high blood pressure for years on 10 mg of Ramipril. but eat loads of food, but don't have foods with salt or sugar or fat in, you can not avoid all as theres salt in a lot of foods, don't have cheese butter on bread, bacon sausages ready meals, eat loads of veg potatoes salmon pasta poached eggs chicken cereals, I do miss cheese and bacon and crisps, Do have the odd treat now and then.

Blood pressure is ok and cut right down on the Ramipril


I have the feeling that oats and beetroot - or beetroot juice - were highlighted as being beneficial in a recent TV programme about reducing blood pressure. Walking too, as caromia says.


I echo most of that but I've cut out rice pasta potatoes . Try couscous and quinoa . Eat the berry type of fruit and apples . Lower in sugar than grapes and bananas have a high fat content . Make up your own muesli . Shop varieties are sugar heavy .I go to the gym most days and also do yoga and my dog gets me out


Hello Reba,

Out here in California a Dr John McDougall has done amazing things with low fat plant based diets. Check out:

It is a live to eat or eat to live choice but there are lots of tasty options in most food cultures.

My younger brother was diagnosed with a 45% blockage to his heart and followed McDougall's diet for 5 years. He was cleared to run marathons which he now does.

You can also find him on youtube.


Thank you. I think a whole change of diet and exercise is beneficial. We switched to almond milk but I don’t see it on his approved list. I will be doing a lot of research. Thank yiu for sharing. Would love to do his 10 day clinic.


They seem to have a pull for everything!! And every new pull often causes another problem! If only we could revert back to when we were healthier huh! Did you Google this med to see what side and adverse effects it has?? Best of luck to you! Know that you are not alone even though it may not change what is!!!


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