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Just back from my son's wedding yesterday. I was really looking forward to catching up with friends and family but things did not go according to plan. My heart rate has been up with this heat. From resting at 60-70 to high 70's -low 100. I was fine during the ceremony but started to feel not right during the photos. When it came to the meal I had lost my appetite and didn't feel like raising a toast or mingling between courses. The video shows me looking very peaky frantically using a fan. All came to a head during the Groom's speech when I started retching and had to get outside asap. So embarrassing being sick in the bushes, as probably everyone thought that it was from alcohol. I drank water, was given a battery fan and some ice cubes and was well enough to listen to the Best man's speech within 5 minutes.

I even recovered enough to have a baconbap and some wine about 10pm. Obviously the pisode was effect of the heat on my weaker than normal heart but appearing like a lush mother of the groom. 🤐

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Must drink LOTS of water in this warmer weather. Try to drink at least two litres a day of plain water over and above anything else you drink.

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Too true Bob. The only time I didn't have water to hand was during the outdoor pics as she kept moving us around for at least an hour

So sorry you had an awful episode. Very frustrating especially on a day as important as this. Pleased you have recovered and I am sure the guests knew you were ill rather than drunk. I feel for you, I really do. Bless you I hope the day wasn't completely ruined for you. This darned heart stuff is awful. X

So sorry to hear about your traumatic ordeal! Must have been so scary at the time! Hugs


Thank you. There were just so many photos and videos happening and we were on top table!


Oh you poor thing ! I wouldn't worry about being sick in the bushes....could have been far worse (top table )...

Hope the rest of the day made up for this. Weddings are so stressful but it should be good stress !


What a shame that it reared its ugly head on such a big day. Lots to cope with - stress, heat, emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of the day & everyone would be too busy to notice your hiccup!!

You are all so understanding....but as for anyone else that is not on our wave length....the jury is out.

Sorry to read about the dramas at the wedding Barb. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now. Glad you were able to get back inside. Take it easy.

Barb1 , couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this . Two years ago tomorrow my son was married. I had just been diagnosed as having AF and HF but hadn’t had much treatment, (was under private care rather than NHS as I am now, but that’s another story).

I was bloated and had dreadful back pain, but squeezed into my dress and set off, determined to put a brave face on it for my son’s sake.

I was unwell all day and had to go home for a couple of hours after the reception, but returned for the first dance.

Having been very much the party girl at previous events I felt, like you, that people would surmise that drink was to blame, but felt too ill to care.

A few days later I was in Coronary Care having over a stone of fluid removed and felt a lot better, and it subsequently turned out that all the guests realised I was ill.

And the other coincidence? My name is Barbara!

So sorry to hear about this. I too had problems during my son's wedding in March. It was a bitterly cold day (can you remember what that's like?) and I started into an AF attack after the meal and it got worse into the evening dancing. I snuck out and went to bed (luckily we were staying at the venue).

I am reassured to hear other people's experiences. I am going to be far more aware of what is happening to my body at my next sons wedding in Cyprus in May. To be honest I didn't realise that I was ill to begin with. Thought it was nerves and excitement

Oh poop so sorry this happened but sounds like you were an absolute star considering.

I love the quote " what other people think of you is no concern of yours" but also am pretty sure the jungle drums will have been beating and folk will know you were unwell

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