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I feel alone in not getting my house clean


I was in good health until may of 2007 and then i was put in icu for a week. They were not sure I would make it . Until that happened I was able to care for my grand babies and my niece full time and keep my home very clean. Now I do good to keep my laundry caught up . About the same time my husband became sick also we found out the he and our daughter both have MS so it has been a struggle with our home . I have had to ave both knees total replaced with in 4 months of each other.

thank you for reading my post


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You really have had and still having a rough time of it, it is so draining. You are doing well to keep going and are clearly made of strong stuff to be able to keep going albeit under great difficulty and stress.

Poor health is a dreadful trial and I am sure all of us here understand how you all as a family must be struggling. Good that you all have each other and I hope together your can stay strong and tackle each day as it comes along. Together you can achieve more than in isolation. I do hope there is some external support to draw upon while going through such difficulties.

Keep strong you will prevail that way. Best wishes.

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thank you for the kind words. we do have others to talk with our son lives in NC. and our daughter is in Rome GA. we get to see them 3 or 4 times a year. and both of our siblings have cut ties with us so we get by with face book and other way to chat with people.

So sorry to hear about you and your family. You should be entitled to some carers help, have you contacted social services or spoken to your doctor about it. Hope you and your family get some support 😛

Reaching out for support is a positive step!!! If your situation were mine, I really would not feel bad about a messy home. You are doing what you CAN do. Is it possible to hire a house cleaner once a month to deep clean for you? I have done that and it works wonders on my psyche. It gives me a big boost. If you cannot hire one, do not dispare. Just accomplish what you can and pat yourself on the back for doing that much.

Also, may I suggest keeping in touch with us on this site, but maybe go out for much needed social interaction too. Just being in a new, positive invironment for a short time, away from home’s conserns can be refreshing. Book club? Church? Movies?

Taking care of yourself helps you take care of others.

Hope this helps

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I wish it was that easy to get out we have to have a driver and that is hard to come by.With all of our money is only ssd. and we have went thru our saving. When I first got sick because we did not have insurance on myself. Hubby has been disabled since 1982 so he has had medicare . Our home needs a lot of repairs and it just overwhelms me . The people I have had to come and help have only done a halfway job and asked for 250 for that.

Try and check out all the benefits available to you and the family. As said before getting a cleaner occasionally if possible and just doing tiny jobs at a time rather than trying to clean a whole house. Sadly we have to adapt our way of living

Krickette, I have similar problems and my house is not only not clean but has become a complete mess. I don't feel I can ask for help because I'm so ashamed of my situation. I just don't seem able to get anything done - I'm so exhausted. I empathise but have no advice to offer. I am so sorry.

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I know what you mean. with hubby and myself in wheelchairs it gets hard he has s and very bad back and a head injury . He has had 4 strokes and 1 heart attack .with mine i have afib, chf,copd and stage 4 kidney disease. he also has copd,and he has type 2 diabetes , so it does not take uch for us to get tired with my o2 set at 2.5 and on it 24/7 live just is not a bowl of cherries

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