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I'm off to Silverstone at first light for the big historic weekend. Back Saturday night. Behave yourselves while I'm gone. I'm not going to!

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Enjoy 👍

Have a good time Bob :-)

***Whispers right everyone let's party ...

Throw all you pills in the air and we will see who can get the fastest irregular pulse :-)

wilsond in reply to doodle68

Lol!!!youre on!! Ill have a glass or 8 ofwine and a curry too!


Have a great time.

Have a fab time xxxx jealous much, you bet!

historic eh!! and least you should be in good company.....have a great time and if you're driving......don't bend it!!

Have a great time :)

I hope you have a lovely w🌝weekend 😢 sadly I must confess that having recently got rid of my bad 👎summer cold, I am now suffering from a rotten attack of gout. I just don't know where it has come from 👎boo,hoo!!! Because I have AF and take warfarin I have docs permission to take painkiller Zapain, have you heard 👂if they bring relief from agony? I have also read Tart Cherry Juice can help with the pain anybody heard of this? Grateful if any advice available. Cheers Gladie. xx.

Have a great time and keep hydrated ( Granny and egg sucking springs to mind!!)


Hope the rain only comes in the night so you can really enjoy yourselves.

Hi Bob's, I live just down the road from Silverstone! We could have arranged a coffee and matter! Enjoy the weekend - been many times myself.

BobDVolunteer in reply to MarinaT

Shame . maybe next time. One car suffered electrical gremlins but all the others I had interests in survived. How about that down pour last evening? Just walked back to my car when the heavens opened!

MarinaT in reply to BobD

Yes! Much needed for the Garden, but not enough.

cassie46 in reply to BobD

We only live 50 miles for Silverstone and we had the rain - the first in 8 weeks or more. Started about six with heavy rain and then steady rain until midnight. Still weather fine todoy so hope you enjoyed the rest of Saturday.


Enjoy yourself!!!xxx

That will be a great place to be this weekend

Hope you had a good day Bob.

Have a fab weekend Bod 🌞🌝

I'm envious! Have a lovely time.

Hope you have a great time

Blood thinners, blood thinners, blood thinners, blood thinners, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

behave P0rtnahapp1e :-)


Hi Bob. I can only paraphrase one of Dame Maggie Smith's lines from Downton Abbey where she says: "What is a weekend?" So my question is "What does behave mean?"😇


Watch it now I'm back.

Hidden in reply to BobD


IanMK in reply to BobD

I hope you had a good time and not inconvenienced by Friday evening’s rain. It greened my lawn up no end but going brown again already :( :(

BobDVolunteer in reply to IanMK

Feeling very pleased with myself Ian as I walked many miles (with aid of stick). drank loads of water and P ed clear all Just got in the car when the heavens opened but down to 30 mph on A 43 due to depth of water and spray. Short break when I walked form car to hotel and then rain again. Somebody up there likes me.

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