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Fresh air and sunshine


Meet Angel, my four-legged companion. She was excited when I mentioned going for a walk in the park this morning. Well it was really more of a stroll. It was nice to get outside in the fresh air. My meds are making me feel like a zombie. They are keeping my heart rate down though during my daily AFib/Flutter episodes so that’s a plus. I’m seeing my EP Tuesday and looking forward to hearing what the next steps are on my road back to good health.

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Angel is adorable! Glad you’re feeling up to taking her out for a stroll. 😻

Kaz747 in reply to Hidden

Yes, she is a cutie. She is 11 1/2 years old but everyone thinks she’s a puppy. We inherited her from my mother-in-law. Our family dog (my profile pic) passed away at Easter this year at 17 1/2 so having Angel around has really helped.

She is gorgeous I have a golden retriever who loves dragging me five yards behind him No relaxing walk for me lol

Kaz747 in reply to Vonnieruth

Dogs can be off the leash in this park so Angel loves to run around. She weighs less than 5 kg so even if she is on a leash she’s not hard work. I love golden retrievers.

Vonnieruth in reply to Kaz747

I love him to but he's one heavy lump lol

wilsond in reply to Vonnieruth

Me too Vonnie!even at nearly 12 my Goldie still.bounces!

lallym in reply to Vonnieruth

Enjoy him while you can. Our beloved Molly, red setter, aged 10 collapsed and died in May. We are still mourning and in shock.

Vet thinks heart attack. Very sudden with no warnings.

Vonnieruth in reply to lallym

So sorry to hear that It's horrible when one looses their pets They are part of our families

Very cute - enjoy those gentle walks

Angel is so beautiful and dogs in general such lovely companions. Who else looks so delighted to see you and gives unconditional love. I don't have a dog, but love admiring everyone else's.


She is gorgeous! Hope you get a good way forward after your appointment

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