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Is there anyone that is in a fib that really does not feel any symptoms from it or know it unless your doctor tells you are. Thanks


I found out that I had a fib two years ago in a regular routine physical- resting heart rate was 110 -I was given several beta blockers and Eliquis -also given a shock and my heart did not go back Rhythm. I found out I could not take the Beta blockers and then given cardizem 180mg with Eliquis- and that has work to control my heart rate but the weird deal is that I don’t realize that I am in a fib all the time I don’t feel it at all. I play golf six days a week and I work out each day -my cardiologist says if I will stay on my meds and Eliquis I should be able to Control my body from having a stroke because of my irregular heartbeat.

I have gone to look at doing a cardiac conversion but the doctor says that I am really not a candidate because if he was to convert I wouldn’t even know it but if it didn’t work there was a possibility that I would feel my a fib And I would still have to stay on Eliquis the rest of my life which is not a problem right now. Thanks anyone else have similar story- I’m will be 64 this month.

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People in permanent AF such as yourself often have no symptoms. It is frequently the changes from AF to NSR and vice versa which are most distressing to people. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones. So long as your rate is well controlled and you are anticoagulated your quality of life is good and that is all that matters.

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I would say that there are more asymptomatic people (including a large number of undiagnosed) than symptomatic. I also believe that, for many people including myself, symptoms increase after diagnosis, as the mind takes over from that point.

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Hi MJ :-) I am not one of the 'many', my symptoms have decreased significantly since diagnosis /medication/lifestyle changes/ and the realisation I was not going to drop dead when I had an episode of AF.


Like you, I was asymptomatic. However, while running, I would notice ‘firing on three cylinders only, when the mongrel struck.

Almost a year ago, the Maze Procedure eliminated the AF all together (knock knock knock)

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Hi, kidds!

If you have a sound heart as a consequence of intense training in your young age and if you have a "small" body because you have succeeded to keep your weight in normal limits, you will not notice the changeover from NSR to AF. My resting HR is somewhere 48-50 and, when in AF bout, it is at the level of 80. Under a heavy load, when in NSR, my HR never exceeds 90 (diesel engine!). Of course, I have no symptoms, but I do not expose my body to the load when in AF. Never! If the engine is knocking, do not push it! When in NSR, than fully press the pedal! Regards!

Yes.. have had no symptoms whatsoever. PAF discovered when under anaesthetic six months ago. May even have been a one-off. Don’t know. Nevertheless GP advice is to take anticoagulant and betablockers because of my CHADS score. Frustrating that gender affects score! Feels unfair!

I have been in permanent afib for last 18months and I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, as like you, I rarely notice it, with HR of 80-90 BP 120/70. On occasions I do get small episodes of PACS but they soon pass.

Given my lack of bothersome symptoms,my cardio was very much against any medical intervention, other than Eliquis, in fact he told me last week that the latest study on afib rate/rhythm control v intervention shows almost no difference in survival rates, and there are some very promising trials underway to treat this condition without major surgery, so that is certainly very positive.

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Cardizem cd works for me - it lowers my heart rate with little side effects

Yep, my brother only found out he had A fib during a routine medical check. So it can happen that you don’t know.

I knew I had paroxysmal A fib but was hugely surprised when told just before my third ablation that I had slipped into permament A fib. I really didn’t know.

Hello, you are not alone. There are times the only way I can tell I am in AFib is if I use my Alivcor.

Yep, permanent but completely unobtrusive afib. Probably been like it for years, had a 'heart attack' last year, due to a not unusual clot in the LAA, ejection fraction very low. Since managed to get EF back up, hopefully soon to 'normal', but never troubled by AF and able to play badminton, golf, etc. 64 year old, reasonably happy with my lot as this forum has helped me understand much about this condition.

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