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New study links poor sleep quality to atrial fibrillation


interesting study - in summary:

"Among several million people, the HCUP data confirmed that a diagnosis of insomnia predicted a diagnosis of AF both before and after adjustment for potential confounding effects.

These results provide more evidence that sleep quality is important to cardiovascular health and specifically to AF. Investigators determined that there was no evidence that sleep duration per se was a risk factor for AF. Instead, they consistently found sleep disruption to be an important risk factor."

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Quote study...[''This is the first study to demonstrate a relationship between worse sleep quality independent of sleep apnea and a higher risk of AF. "]

Poor sleep quality can also go hand in hand with stress and anxiety also thought to be contributors to AF. Chicken or egg maybe....

Very interesting study and so relevant in a society where stress, constant on-line activity with instant notifications mean that many people go to sleep with a hyperactive brain. Another viscious circle . . .

Looking at this I would say it’s a mega study - not an original study - because there is a known established link between sleep disturbance and AF and poor health in general.

New study providing more evidence but not a new link. I guess the ‘new’ bit is for none SA related disturbances affecting AF.

Odd that they seem to be classing AF as "cardiovascular" when my EP says i's cardiomuscular and not the same as plumbing issues...

Thanks for posting. Improving my sleep is my current priority. My top 3 tips that seem to be helping are: an hour before bed do Mindfulness, one or two simple Yoga/Qigong exercises & if you have a faith prayer, then take Mg supplement - I use the spray on and a small dose orally of a Mg compound. Lastly if you wake up in the night, don't check the time and/or listen to the radio. Hope that helps somebody.

momist in reply to secondtry

Try getting rid of the clock altogether. I turned my clock radio away from the bed for about five weeks, and this made a big difference to my sleep, I still woke up regularly but this diminished over that time. I now have it facing the bed again, but no longer feel the need to look at it during the night.

Heathreb in reply to secondtry


I see you use the magnesium spray . I have used it for a few months on my feet, but have found that my skin dries up and peels off, I wonder how many sprays do you use and where on your body. I don't want to stop using it as I think it helps with sleep. Thankyou

secondtry in reply to Heathreb

That's interesting, I wonder if my feet dry & peel for the same reason i.e. extra Mg even though I don't spray any on them . I just spray once a day on thighs, tummy, arms & chest. Definitely helps my sleep within half an hour of the spray plus a very small dose of Mg compound taken orally I am knocked out.

Convinced my AF is caused by my mild sleep apnea and generally crap sleeping patterns which I am trying to address as I have no other risk factors for AF ! Thanks for posting ! Great username by the way ! Andy

secondtry in reply to Andyc934

Good luck Andy, I have just had a sleep test and result was also mild sleep apnea i.e. I stopped breathing around 6 times an hour. A couple of tips if you haven't got them covered is to try eating minimum 4 hours before bed and a bit lighter if your digestive system is poorish. Also temperature in bed (avoid getting hot or cold) and free movement is important to me and so I don't sleep with my partner - this won't make you popular!

Sunny-fl in reply to secondtry

What do the Doctors recommend for the mild sleep apnea as I suspect I have it and need to get tested. My best to you.

secondtry in reply to Sunny-fl

The OT that tested me say they don't do anything for mild but I requested a repeat in 12 months to keep an eye on it. My hunch is it is connected with anxiety/stress so I would check your lifestyle & build in a few stress busters into your day.

Seeking to find a cause of My AF I had a sleep test, mild SA, 8 times an hour. Not bad enough to treat. 'Within normal limits' apparently. 80% of my AF events used to occur during the night, ie I woke up with AF. Now 2 years on from ablation 2 and AF free I am concerned my AF could return from this SA. Using a snore app it seems to confirm that I still stop breathing and 'wake' with a snort. I snore on my side, on my back, I've tried various pillows, nose and mouth sprays. nose clips. mouth and tongue applicators and I still snore! 8 1/2 stone and thin as a rake as well!

My cardiologist referred me to the sleep clinic which confirmed i do have moderate sleep apnea. I think its a definite trigger for my PAF

Ha ha, my sleep became broken once I started having AF. Anxiety, I suppose. Chicken or egg?

My original AF episode coincided with a period where my young son had transferred from a cot to a bed and he was coming into our bed multiple times each night.

I have often managed on limited duration of sleep, but this was a period of heavily interrupted sleep.

I certainly always considered this to be a factor in my AF

Surely it is all part of the same viscious circle? AF can cause insomnia which causes more AF. Which comes first?

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