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Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) New Treatment


Thought this might be of interest to anyone else on here who, like me, has LVH. I'm told this has probably been a contributory factor to me getting AF.

Article in yesterday's Scotsman entitled 'Cheap Diabetes drug can help heart'. Metformin is the drug and a trial by researchers at Dundee University has successfully reduced the thickening of the left ventricle. Here is the press release from Dundee Uni:


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Reduction in thickening of left ventricle

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Interesting. Thanks for posting. I hope others will comment. Here we have a cheap drug used for another purpose, therefore its health and safety record are well known. And the safety record is not that good. Google "dangers of metformin", cut through the haze, and see what some of the effects are. Some are minor, but some can be serious. Still, you have to credit the researchers for trying. It may help some people.

seasider18 in reply to ILowe

Metformin the wonder drug !

There have been reports for years that is reduces the size of breast tumours, prevents colon cancer and helps with other cancers.

When I was prescribed metformin it gave me stomach pain that made me think that my duodenal ulcer was back. My brother and sister in law had severe problems with it and a neighbour says that he cannot go out until till about noon until his stomach settles down.

I was started on Metformin but had to stop after two days because of extreme nausea , not a drug I would ever take again. It's interesting that researchers can still find further uses for out of patent drugs which can only be for the good in the long term.

Thanks for responses, all. Seeing my GP tomorrow, so I'll ask him about it.

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