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Tandem Skydive


I happened to stumble across an advert last week for sponsored skydives via the British Heart Foundation.

I wanted to do a skydive a number of years ago whilst in New Zealand but the opportunity passed me by.

After seeing the ad it's reignited the desire to do one, but a brief look into it seems to suggest it would be difficult to pass the medical declaration with a history of AF. The form i saw even says "I have never had fractured or broken bones". I mean that must wipe out a good percentage of those willing to have a go at this "extreme" sport.

Are there any AF'ers out there that have any advice?

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I have never seen the benefit of jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft myself but each to their own. I am sure Tena do a suitable product for such times. My niece did one while on holiday in Australia and the video showed her mouthing a word that she never uses all the way down!

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Gave me a good laugh too🤣😂

Then see if you can or not and GO FOR IT

there are a number of airfields that offer skydiving tandem jumps that arent linked to charitable causes. maybe explore a local one to see what their take on medical conditions is? never done one myself but always fancied it.

Cheers. I think they all adhere to the same code which means the same medical declaration. I'm a bit reluctant to ask 'cos then i think they'll stop me dead in my tracks as soon as the wrong answer is given.

I suppose i could ask at a site that i wouldn't want to go to anyway. It may be that as long as they have asked the question then they are covered.

yeh - I'm sure that you'd need to declare any current medical conditions but that proviso mentioned "I have never had fractured or broken bones" just seems a bit much as how many people can actually say they never have??

as an ex-rugby player/skier/mountain biker I would fall at that hurdle straightaway yet it's never stopped me doing other daft stuff - paragliding, zip lines, mountain climbing etc - with no insurance problems even with having had to declare cancer treatment in the past.

Hi my daughter is doing a sky dive next month, for BHF. She is type 1 diabetic, she had to get one of the forms signed by her GP. Read the guidelines then check with your GP. Good luck

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Thanks. And good luck to your daughter next month

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She’s done it, said it was the best ever ... planning on doing another with her sister. No problems with GP . My plan is now to lose enough weight so I can do it, with GP approval

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