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Artery Blockage


A friend of mine recently had a heart attack with no warning and he was in excellent health with no known medical conditions. Thankfully he got to hospital in time and they were able to save him but it was very serious as he had almost a total blockage in the artery called the widow maker. Does anyone know of a test you can do that would be covered by insurance that would show if you have blockage in your arteries.?


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The only test would be what here in UK we call an angiogram where they inject die into your cardiac arteries under x ray examination

Flaka in reply to BobD

Thanks for replying . I will be seeing my cardiologist in June and plan on asking him about this then.

You can have a catheter run by a surgeon. They snake a thin probe through an opening in your groin. If there is a blockage than can be treated with a stent they will put one in at that time. If there is too much blockage they will apprise you of the situation and maybe suggest bypass. There is another test available that measures calcium in your arteries. Can't remember the name of the procedure . You may want to goggle this and do some research

Flaka in reply to paulh1

Yes I just found out from a friend that there is a CT calcium test they can do but insurance doesn’t cover it and the cost is $90. Been thinking about paying for that test but don’t know what they do if test shows you do have blockage. I assume they have medicine for that. But there is probably a natural supplement for that also.

Flaka, you can choose to have procedures or not. Or change your diet. I have recently gone to a whole food,plant based ,no oil diet. My total cholesterol and related numbers have dropped drastically . SUPPOSEDLY,this way of eating can reverse heart disease. Time will tell but I do feel better over all. If you are interested, do some research on the Forks Over Knives plan. It's an alternative to having medical procedures.

Flaka in reply to paulh1

Thanks I will do that.

Hello Flaka,

Your friend sounds very lucky.

Appearing to be in excellent health and being in excellent health seem to be vastly different.

Marathoner and author Jim Fixx opened everyone's eyes when he died of a heart attack at 52. They used to think if you ran you could treat your body like a fast food garbage can with no effects.

Paulh1 makes an excellent point about diet.

In California, a Dr. Dean Ornish did a study that demonstrated a low fat plant based diet and moderate exercise can reverse coronary heart disease. See the link.

You don't have to do his program A Dr John Mcdougall has a great web site.

Not embraced by the medical community - I guess it's bad for business

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