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Hi, I had my cryoablation last week for atrial tachycardia and he touched up the area of atrial flutter from 1st ablation at the same time. Phrenic nerve pacing was uncomfortable and had a few periods of pain but got given immediate pain relief and more sedation. The team were great and my EP came to see me in recovery when I was less loopy from sedation. He believes he got most of the atrial tachycardia difficult to tell due to the phrenic nerve but he is very happy, 😊 he believes I also have 'inappropriate sinus tachycardia' but didnt do anything with it this time and thinks it can be managed with the sotalol and bisoprolol im on. Heres hoping!

5 days on I do still have chest pain and extrememly breathless and weak. Needing assistance to the bathroom from my room but hoping this will improve over next few days and weeks.

Thanks for the comments last week 😊

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keep resting.

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Honestly, I would talk to a professional re how you are feeling. After all three of my ablations I was able to do everything for myself right away and only once had some brief chest pain. For all anyone knows you may have an infection. Please just seek medical advice.

Best wishes



Thank you Jean, I will get in touch with my GP tomorrow. I didnt want to be wasting Drs time if its something to be expected after ablation. Always helpful to get others perspective, as I dont think I felt as bad as this after previous ablations.


Look we're talking about your heart here, that important thing that keeps you alive. It's not a sprained ankle or cold. Never feel guilty about seeking advice regarding it.



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