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In Afib for 3 days


I was diagnosed with Afib 2 years ago, no other health problems. I have no symptoms with Afib and have 1 to two episodes a month which last 24 hours our less. I use Kardia to find out if I am in Afib. I feel fine, but I am concerned that the Afib is lasting so long this time. I am walking 2 miles per day and drinking lots of water, breathing exercises and Yoga hoping that will help. I would appreciate any suggestions and support to help me at this time.

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Hi Slattery, you don't mention your age, but if I were you, I would consider seeing an EP (cardiologist who specialises in arrhythmia) to establish the current overall condition of your heart. If you have an echocardiogram, it will determine whether or not AF is adversely effecting your heart and also he will help determine the best treatment plan for you. You are clearly doing some good healthy stuff so no doubt you are already aware of the lifestyle issues which can have an impact on AF. Unfortunately, it's not unusual for AF to get more troublesome so maybe now would be a good time to get some expert advice.....hope this helps

Hi Slatterly - I think this is a general concern for those of us with long term AF and episodes which last for long periods.

I would agree with Flapjack and consider asking for some investigations such as an echocardiogram which is a relatively routine, inexpensive and non invasive procedure which will show up any structural changes. If for nothing else - to rule out any changes in heart structure. I know I have recently asked for one as I haven’t had one since 2008 - apart from the TOE done before ablation in 2014.

I think you are doing all of the right things and perhaps you just need a little bit of reassurance and advice from your doctor.

Very best wishes

Than you for your welcome advice, I wii make an appointment with my doctor on Monday. Good idea to get a echo, last one was two years ago.

Hi Slattery,

Good advice from Fapjack and CDreamer.

I experienced a 5 day episode back in September. Tried everything cold showers, breathing, meditation, etc. Doc prescribed different meds, more different meds, tinkerered with the dose, made an EP referral and was on the verge of saying my Afib was now persistent. Then I read somewhere about relaxing while listening to a normal HB. Did this and the AFib terminated. Could have been a coincidence but may be worth a try.

PS I sat reading while listening to the HB and feeling it through my laptop, on my lap.


I love this idea! I will give it a try. Thank you so much.

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