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Hi all, just joined the site. I have recently been diagnosed a with periodic fast and irregular heart rate probably caused by afib.

A brief synopsis about me. Bicuspid valve discovered in 2012, had the aortic valve replaced with porcine valve. Aortic aneurism 5.0 checked 6 monthly. Had atrial fibrillation 2 days after the op put on meds and had cardiversion. This cured the afib and came off of the drugs fine for 5 years. Noticed I was getting breathless a couple of months ago some mornings when showering. One morning in January I just so happened to check my BP as I felt lightheaded (I sometimes get very low BP on standing) and my pulse was 136 bpm very high for me. After sitting it dropped way down to 44 bpm. Taken to A&E, kept in overnight, not a heart attack. Had an echocardiogram and 3 day holter monitor which showed my heart muscle and valve are ok but episodes of fast irregular heart rate and some SVT’s.

I am now trying to gather info to get a better understanding of the condition.

I have since found episodes last maybe 3-4 days but only when I and standing / moving around. Sitting my heart is 60’s & 70s bpm. Do other exerpience similar symptoms / patterns with afib?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated please.

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Although there is no such thing as a typical AF event this doesn't sound like one if you see what I mean but you really need to have it captured on ECG to be sure. Atrial fibrillation is very obvious on ECG. . Did the holter confirm it IS AF, SVT or what?

We can't give medical advice here obviously as we are not medically trained but AF Association has a wealth of fact sheets and booklets available for download from the main website so best read all you can as knowledge is power.

You don't tell us what drugs you are on and if anticoagulated (which is important to prevent stroke in AF ) and who is treating you. GPs work hard but seldom have the training to deal with this complex condition, nor do ordinary cardiologists in many cases. Yours sounds like a complex rhythm problem so needs a cardiologist with a good knowledge of arrhythmias.

Ask your GP to be referred to a specialist if you have not already.


Hi Bob, I have seen a cardiologist who has prescribed half securon and I am on 5mg Apixaban twice daily. The cardiologists letter stated the holter monitor showed ‘in sinus rhythm but there are frequent episodes of tachycardia, some of which are irregular and therefore could well be due to atrial fibrillation. There are frequent supra ventricular ectopic beats” I have got to go back to seee him in 3 months.


Atrial fibrillation is so obvious on a holter or other ECG so it is either AF or it isn't. You cant have an irregular rhythm "due" to AF. It is either AF or something else. Sounds like you need to see an electrophysiologist who is a cardiologist who specialises in rhythm disorders, They are the electricians to the cardiologists plumber and you wouldn't ask a plumber to re -wire your house would you?


I have an appointment with my GP next who is very thorough, as I am not happy waiting another 3 months to see the cardiologist again,when he started me on Half securon he said it shoul take effect after 2 weeks but it has now been 4 weeks and the episodes are still happening. I seem to get 3-4 days where sitting is fine but standing and just walking around the house elevates my heart rate up into the 130’s. Then or 4 days when my heart rate is fine even when I am out for a walk so it is puzzling.


As I said you need a rhythm specialist. Ask your GP to refer you. Have you had a thyroid check by the way?

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