cardioversion and after care

i went in for cardioversion march this year it was successful for a short while and now back in adfib, it was a while before i saw any body at the hospital for a review six months actually and was put back to a higher dosage of bisoprolol and keep on the warfarin, and since then nothing do i get another go at cardioversion or what do i wait for the hospital for another appointment ( i think they have forgotten me) or go to my doctors and pester him i do feel ok most of the time but i think i,m getting more breathless at times, is this a normal procedure as im not realy sure what to do. any ideas folks ?

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  • Do both going to your GP and also contacting the hospital. Is it an EP you are under?

  • what do you mean EP ?, im under a consultant at the hospital or should i say one of is consultants or relief consultant ive been a few times since my diagnosis and not seen the same one twice. i will take you advice and see both thanks.

  • An EP is n electrophysiologist who is a cardiologist who specialises in rhythm problems. General cardiologists are not always very good at such matters. You need to keep banging desks in this game unless you want to end up sidelined. Look up CAREAF for good protocol


  • I have had 7 CV and 3 Ablations. Sorry to say I still get AF and Tachy. But to be fair I have a multitude of other problems that do not help.

    Be Well

  • Hi , The same thing happened to me after my first cardioversion failed. I had it last October and I went back into AF in May, I went to see the GP who upped my bisoprolol, I was on 5mg in the morning, he added another 5mg in the evening. During the appointment he said he would refer me back to a cardiologist, which he did. It took a few weeks before the appointment, she 'assessed' me, basically she asked a lot of questions as to how I was after the CV, apparently this cardiologist prefers the ablation route so I was very lucky that she recommended a second CV. I had this in August at am fine for the moment. I think you should go back to your GP and ask to be referred, having only experienced this once I thought it was the normal process. Good luck.

  • Same thing happened to me although I don't think I waited as long. Your consultant will now probably refer to an EP (mine did after 2 cardio versiions) I have since had an ablation and I am now awaiting another although I don;t feel as bad I have persistent AF. If I was you I would give your consultants secretary a call. xxx

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