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Heart arrhythmias, especially when tired

I'm new to this site and am glad to see posts relating to AFib and other people's experiences. I have been diagnosed with sick sinus node and have a pacemaker and take flecainide for AFib along with Metoprolol. I also have SVT. Lately I have been having crazy arrhythmias that seem to be worse when I am really tired. The readings on my pacemaker don't show these as AFib events. I have been told they may be PVCs. And weirdly enough, my pulse is read in the 30s even though my pacemaker is set to 60 and shows normal in the data when checked. They are so bothersome and getting worse but I don't know what is causing it. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there anything I can do to ease them?

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Maybe a 24 hr or 7 day monitor anf blood tests would help clarify what is going on but probably no more treatment options


My pacemaker does not pick up my short runs of AF, I was once told by my consultant that anything below 167bpm and in AF the pacemaker will not pick it up. My pacemaker is set at 60bpm and i should not go below, I know i do. Pam


Certainly I am more inclined to have odd Arrythmias as well as AF when I am very tired because I haven’t paced myself and when I have a virus of any sort and for a few weeks after. Resting more and anti- viral meds seem to help a lot.

I don’t have a pacemaker yet - due to have Pace & Ablate in a 8 weeks or so.

If you have a Kardia - they should show on that.

My hubbies events show on his pacemaker checks and he rarely has a HR of above 120 when in Arrythmia.

Generally staying calm, Mindfulness and slow breathing help cope with them and if at all stressed, can stop them.

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Hello chrimaw!! Sounds similar to myself. Was on amioderone and propafenone, then was taken off amioderone after few months due to bad side effects. But with the previous meds, still was having problems of felling ill . EP said your HR drops to 30's due to pvc's occurring, but do not worry they can not harm you and you have a defib/pacemaker (aicd) implanted so nothing to worry. They were actually quite crippling to my every day routines. One day after contracting the flu, the device fired multiple times in a brief span. Went to a different hospital ER that diagnosed way too many and alarming number of PVC's. I switched doctors and hospitals. Interesting how different doctors gives a patient different views. Was then placed on different meds (sotalol) which decreased the PVC's from 35% down to 4%. I still get incidents down to 30/40 range especially in evening but they are not as often and rectifies itself quicker. Yes it does occur when I am tired in evening after a long day and trying to relax. Strange thing is that when if I am active in the evening moving around, the HR seems stabler and normal without falling low.. Still trying to understand this aspect.


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