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Today I have an echocardiogram to ck my valve. The palpitations started in the middle of the night again last night. They are so annoying!!!!!! New bp med is annoying also. After working in a cardiologist office for so many years and now on the other side of it I feel like I should know a thing or two😂. I will go 2-3 days and no palpitations then all of a sudden they’re back for 2-3 days. I’ve quit taking everything that I think may cause them. Having labs Monday to ck mag and potassium. Health problems are just an aggravating thing. It’s 77 here in South Carolina today with cloudy skies. Wish we had some of your snow ⛄️ . Prayers for you all and keep on beating❤️

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-4 today with a wind chill down to -11. Red alert for blizzard conditions from 3 pm (now 1.30) but all calm at present. Roads are deserted and many firms closed. Stove nice and warm and bird feeders full so all content here in North Devon..

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Hi bob keep safe I am in Worthing West Sussex we had it bad on Monday but nothing compared to what your getting.


Minus 2 here in Essex, everything has come to a stop . Bitter cold wind and snow.


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