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To put your minds at ease:

Hello, we have had quite a few reports from forum members that they have received an email from Chris at Health Unlocked asking for insight into their AF. I have replied on BobD 's "Surveys" post, however, as my reply is half way through the conversation, I would like to clarify things for you on this post. I will be locking it to replies, as it does not require any further comments.

I was not aware that Health Unlocked would be sending emails. They are not obliged to let us know at all. I emailed them asking if the email was secure and legitimate. They have replied stating:

"I can confirm the email is legitimate, it is a survey run by HealthUnlocked to collect some insight on what’s important to people who are affected by Atrial Fibrillation.

The users will have been contacted because they have the condition Atrial Fibrillation in their profiles as part of their health interests.

We hope the email did not cause any distress, but if the users have any further concerns, please let us know so that they can be addressed."

So to confirm, this survey email is legitimate. No security or data has been breached, and it is quite safe to complete surveys received by them.

Kindest regards

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services

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