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AF 4 days after ablation

Hi all, wanted to get some shared experience or feedback on my situation. Having had a cryo-ablation last Wednesday I felt on top of the world through Saturday when I had an episode of AF that lasted about 8 hours. Then I went into AF on Sunday night and am still in AF some 36 hours later with no breaks. Prior to ablation I was in paroxysmal AF maybe once a fortnight for 3-6 hours, controlled (latterly) by Sotalol. When in AF I get dizzy, light headed when standing/moving, and generally feel a bit rough. I understood that I would get some AF but am concerned that it is not reverting to SR - and am pretty immobilised at moment. I had planned to return to work 1 week post-procedure and am now effectively having to put all plans on hold. Tips/advice would be useful - it's a small goal but for now I just want to feel the gentle embrace of sinus rhythm again so I can reduce anxiety!! Note - my query/request is about what to do about the persistence of the AF (36 hours) not that I'm having episodes - I knew to expect some AF but am laid low and startled by the fact I'm now breaking my own record for length of episode by 24+ hours...

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Ring your Arrythmia nurse as soon as possible.


Yes, I agree with CDreamer you need to contact your Arrythmia nurse for advice.


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