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Bisoprolol update

Just wanted to share how I've been since my last/first post! So I've been back on Biso 5mg since Wednesday after four days trying 7.5mg to get my BP lower, (GP's decision), which has left me with very frequent and unsettling palps. Thursday & Fridya evening I felt settled and wondered if I'd turned a corner. Unfortunately, yesterday and today so far I'm experiencing regular palps. Got to say it's unerving and tiring. Think the tiredness is due to anxiety the longer it goes on! Going to continue to ride it out for a couple more days but if nothing improves will arrange to speak to my GP again. I have Amlodipine waiting to help with BP but won't start anything else until the palps seriously settle. Hope you all have a good day!

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I was given Bisoprolol for my AF completely the wrong medicine for me. When I am in AF my heart rate doesn’t go above 80. From watching the brilliant Dr Sanjay Gupta ‘cardiologist at York Hospital videos I realise I have Vagal AF. My cardiologist didnt bother to find out which AF I had and prescribed Bisoprolol without seeing me. Watch his videos it will change your life. Everything is explained in a way that you can understand and you will be reassured.


Hi - I have been on bisoprolol since August 2016 folliwing a pacemaker implant for sick sinus syndrome and AF. I take 5mg daily. It keeps me stable with the AF. Yes I do get very tired but I am nearly 72. I can live with the tiredness as It keeps my AF under control. Prior to the pacemaker, I suffered Palps frequently but now feel able to cope.

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