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Deleted post : mea culpa ☹️

Rachel Admin has confirmed that it was Badger who,deleted his thread "How much has permanent atrial fibrillation changed your life?"

For this he apologises, citing in mitigation the risks of editing on the HU iPad app, with multiple windows open. Sadly the thread can not be retrieved. Be advised that if you delete the OP, accidentally or otherwise, the whole thread will disappear.

I have a copy of my OP and will happily repost on request. You may feel the moment has passed however.

So my apologies to members, particularly those who responded. The value of the thread lay not in the OP but in the quality of the thoughtful replies.

Stupid furry sett dweller, call yourself a techie.......

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Sad, have to be very careful on android as well, the drop-down is so teeny I am just as likely to delete or report as edit 😤


Spilt milk and all that, Badger. Thank you for letting us know and for your apologies.

I managed to delete my former self (Rellim296) in an instant in September and all messages too which I find rather tedious. The responses are still there but I'm now 'Hidden' and I'm finding it quite difficult to refer back to what was said. Perhaps my posts have gone.

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Never mind Badger :-) similar topics come around regularly so no doubt those of us who responded to the topic will have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Thank you for 'owning up' :-) it is most appreciated.


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