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Enlarged left atrium


I had an ecg it showed probable left atrium enlargement

I see on the net that the prognosis is poor

Has anyone had this condition

I go back to the GP tomorrow

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I’m not medically trained but two aspects of your post jump out at me - the word ‘probable’ and taking too much from the internet literally.

AF can stretch the atria and when I had an echocardiogram done at diagnosis, it was reported that I had ‘some bilateral atrial enlargement’. My cardiologist wasn’t concerned and didn’t comment further or say it was a problem.

Hopefully, you will get a fuller picture from your physician.

Hi Bexleynow,

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and during a wide range of tests it was discovered that I had an enlarged left atria. This would not only predispose me to future AF events but make me vulnerable to a stroke. I am on Warfarin for life. This enlarged left atria is a consequence of the onset of AF.


[Quote = ''I see on the net that the prognosis is poor'']

Hi Bexleynow :-) I am not a doctor but don't think it is unusual for people with AF to have an enlarged left atrium and once diagnosed measures can be taken to help prevent further problems. I would try not to be too concerned about it , anxiety is not good for those with AF and your GP should should help to explain things in more detail.


I'd go a step further here and say it's unusual for people with AF not to have a slightly enlarged left atrium and when arrythmia has not been caught on an ECG, I think any enlargement of the atrium visible with an echocardiogram can be a help with diagnosis. It's very common.

Enlargement can be slight, moderate or severe and it's the latter that may perhaps be bothersome.

The good news is that, contrary to whatever you have found on the net, Bexleynow, the atrium can revert to something like its normal size with the absence of the arrhythmia.

My first ECGs showed I had an enlarged left atrium, although not too much enlargement. However, after being on meds for several months, I was told that this had corrected itself. Perhaps this is unusual? I have been looking after myself since my diagnosis. I eat healthily, I am not overweight and I walk briskly for at least half an hour several times a week...including up a rather steep hill. I guess this has helped.

TG1963 in reply to clanmags

How dilated was your atrium, what meds did you take and how long for the dilation to repair itself? Please see my post below I am at 42 mm with no change in three months hopefully get it reversed to 40 mm or below .


Was it an ECG or an echocardiogram?

Do you have atrial fibrillation, if yes how long?

What are you referring to with respect to prognosis?

Please share your medical history and medication.

I have an enlarged left atrium. I also have a faulty mitral valve, have had a heart attack, a quad bypass, AF and an ablation. And I'm still going strong with the determination and expectation to last another twenty years or so by keeping fit and using the correct drugs.

Don't believe everything you read on the web ! :-)

Has your cardiologist checked for leaky valves? High blood pressure?

4years ago I was admitted with heart failure spent 8days in ccu left atrium enlarged but with good treatment it has now resolved don't believe all you read on the net

Thank you I go back to GP today

I had an enlarged left atrium caused through AF but after my ablation i had an echo done at 6 months check up and it had returned to normal

My EKG last year at an aviation physical showed “possible left atrial enlargement “ and examiner suggested I see a cardiologist as my “heart performance had declined “ in layman terms. I regretfully ignored it until nine months later a dog attack put me in a hospital where I went hypertensive at 155/100 remaining for a few hours and got superventricular tachycardia for an hour or so. Few days later was not feeling well and finally saw a cardiologist while overseas diagnosed With mild LAE.. 42 mm ( normal size is I think 34-49 mm) and first echo in June showed 1 mm dilation of left ventricle “ mild LVH” -echo done overseas. Returning to US had another echo done showed same LAE of 42 mm and report said left ventricle “normal wall thickness and systolic” . Guess ventricle fixed itself and EF rose from 60-66%. On nifedipine and just after diagnosis put on 2x 3.6 mg carvidilol. Unfortunately had only stayed on the nifedipine last two years although prescribed it for last seven yrs so think the prior untreated BP or stress from attack moved the borderline LAE firmly into “mild . “ Now Lost 20 pounds cut out sodium and alcohol and walking two hours a day with average BP now at 124/86 . An online cardiologist told me the odds are 80 percent I can fully reverse the LAE in sixth months if I can keep the BP in check. Not sure if the carvidilol was responsible for increased EF or if heart function improved by itself. Now get a bit fatigue or very slightly dizzy maybe from the meds I think.

Anyone know if the LAE can reverse once the force of constant high BP goes away? Anyone experienced that.?

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