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A fib cryogenic ablation

Had an a fib cryogenic ablation procedure 3 days ago. Was not as bad as I imagined. Groin hurt more the second day and felt out of it till the 3rd day. Not going to drive till one week out. Had catheters in both legs. Only problem had vision disturbance on second day. Was flashing shimmering zigzags like with a migraine but no pain, only lasted abt 15 minutes. Resting heart rate abt 88on second day, felt anxious .

Heart rate lower today and feel much better. If you get ablation I prefer cryogenic over heat. Easier recovery and better success rate. Good luck to those who try it. My final decision was when doctor told me "I can fix this, I can give you quality to life again". I believe he did. Pick a doc who has done many ablation, I mean several weekly for a couple of years. It's a learning curve. Good luck😘

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I suspect the vision problems will be from the small hole puncture in the septum. It’s a well known symptom of migraine - which can also be side effect of ablation. It does go in time and healing.

If you are concerned do ring your Arrythmia nurse - they are brilliant.

Oh - and I would say choose an EP who does several a day and that the newer generation of EPs would be doing many more than 2 ablations per week, certainly here in Devon.

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I too had the Aura Migraines on day 3 mid afternoon for 15 mins. This continued for a week -ish and which I understand is puncturing of the Septum.


I’m having Cryo balloon ablation next month so I appreciate reading this. I did interview my EP, he’s done over a thousand of these and it’s “his thing”. Of course here in the States we can pick our doctors. Not sure that’s so in U.K. (although my daughter lives there and I hear her stories).

The migraine aura, I experienced one last month, while in hospital after a TIA. Neurologist considered it a second TIA. I also had no pain with it and it lasted about 15 minutes. Now I wonder. I need to do some research on that.

Hope you continue to heal well!

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