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Afib and dizziness feeling

I was diagnosed with afib this past May. I would get these awful dizzy spells for a couple of seconds when I would stand up. I still get them every once in a while when I have a episode. I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this as well. I am scheduled for an ablation at the end of this month but my question is, Does anyone who has had these same symptoms with afib does the dizzy feeling go away after the ablation? If ablation was successful of course. Thanks

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Hi I was diagnosed in May and my ablation in Nov. I used to get the dizziness when I stood up but it has now gone away. However it may be as am now on Amiodarone not Bisoprolol as I changed the medication at the same time. I would imagine though if your ablation is a success you will not get the dizzyness. Good luck with your Ablation.


I could hardly stand at times and I always had to get up out of a chair slowly and carefully. I had an ablation in 2005 which was successful, and after that I was just completely back to normal, and without drugs except anticoagulants which I'm on for life I think.

Hope you have a good one, best thing I ever did for sure.



I used to get dizzy if standing up suddenly from a seated especially slumped (e.g. sofa) position. After my ablation 8 years ago, I don't anymore.


Feeling lightheaded after you stand up is called postural hypotension, is frequent in the elderly and also when you are taking blood pressure medication. It has to do with your body being too slow in adjusting your blood pressure when you change positions. It’s not directly related to AF.


Thank you for your replies. Tachp, I would have to say that it is true what your saying about postural hypotension but I am 38 and in good shape and don’t have high blood pressure. I only get the dizziness when I feel afib coming on. I have only had this sensation once in a while when standing but I never had this before until I was diagnosed with afib in May. I would have to say that it is directly related to afib in my case. I can actually feel it coming on a little when Im sitting and I get the afib feeling in my chest and then when I have to stand up I get a dizzy cloudy sensation in my head. I have to say though that since being put on rythmol I have only had around 5 of these dizzy spells since August. I am happy to hear that after ablation it goes away that is great news!!!


This was a good explanation of how dizziness is caused from afib from bob on this site.

The dizziness is as you guess about lack of blood. Maybe not so much pressure as flow. When fibrillating the atria is unable to pas blood down to the ventricle to pump around the body properly and depending on how bad it is, actual flow may fall to a level where there is not enough oxygenated blood around for you to function normally. Frankly you sound like an ideal candidate for ablation if you can find somebody in NZ to perform it.


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It is still postural hypotension that affects you when you get up from a sitting position. It means the the brain does get enough blood momentarily, because your blood pressure may be too low at the time. Medications that lower the blood pressure do that, like beta blockers and of course AF can drop the blood pressure too, by diminishing the efficiency of the pumping action of your heart. Nevertheless is not a serious problem. Get up very slowly or lay down flat in bed, so the brain can get enough blood. If you are taking Bisoprolol, the dose might have to be reduced.


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