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Having in third ablation

Back in February this past year I was diagnosed with A flutterWasnt feeling to bad but out of breath when walked up stairs and after ablation everything was fine for the next 5 months . Then was feeling bad again then heartbeat was way up they diagnosed me with a fib had. So after a five hour ablation got a fib under control man. He said they saw scar tissue on my right side. Not sure from what. Then a month ago heart rate jumps to 90 again resting . Prviouslly 60 resting. So he Cardiovered me. Fine again.I was perfect for a month however we moved out of house which is stressful and bam go heartbeat went then bpm went 155 and went to. SHospital and stayed weekend. they cut it down to 90. Having my third ablation Tuesadar. the doctor feels that I Iam in a flutter being i am at 90 BPM minute but he believes the upper chambers probably be eating at 180. Can’t walk 100 feet without being out of breath. But perfect at 90 at rest. So hopefully the a flutter ablation will bring me back to normal. Very frustrating this will be my fourth procedure in nine months. I’m on metoprolol and Xeralto. Just want to be normal again!

Anybody have any thoughts? Tired of being a dang pin cushion!!!!!

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Sorry for the poor spelling I wasn’t able to spell check Before I sent.


Hi Jsanta - I'm afraid I can't make too much sense of your post, little bits I can.

If you click on the down arrow at the bottom of your post (which is to the right of Follow Post) you can drop down and edit your post.

Sorry to hear you are having these problems, they sound typical of what we people with AF get. Good luck with your ablation on Tuesday. Please let us know how you get on.

Best wishes



I know how you feel. Two PVI ablations then relatively symptom free, recurrences began again 2016/2017 and I've had a flutter ablation in September. However, sat here now and HR resting is 120 again. So very tired of being ill.


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