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Sleeping with af

Can anyone tell me what I can take so I can sleep as I can't lie down flat on any side because my heart starts going fast I need sleep I sat up all lastnight in bed.and start to panic and think all sorts and get pains around my heart and top of chest feels tight but I don't no if it's the panic attack or not is there anything I can ask my gp for. Please

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I found that when I first lay down, then my AF would kick off but later during the night I could wake up to go to the loo or whatever, and would notice that the AF had gone as it seemed to have gotten used to the new flat position. So it more the change in position I guess, but it did settle down after a while, quite a long while though. Not sure whether this is normal or just me?

But...if I drank any alcohol at all, or had a meal and went to bed feeling full or even slightly full, then the AF would come on later in the middle of the night. Probably the same with too much sugar or caffiene for me.


Thanks koll


It's miserable to be unable to sleep and the anxiety feeds on itself when we sit up worrying - you have my sympathy.

Have you tried propping up on pillows, so that your upper body is at a comfortable angle? I have also read of people raising the bedhead feet so that they sleep less flat.


Yes it's not going to sleeps the problem it's when I just start to and I stop breathing and then get the pulpations and then the panic and so on it's horrible


Ottis please go and have a sleep Clinic test for sleep apnea. What you describe is exactly what I used to feel. I was referred by my GP after a letter from my EP and found to have mild to moderate sleep apnea. I am treated with CPAP and no longer have this problem.

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Hi Ottis. When you say 'and I stop breathing' that sounds like sleep apnia. It's a proven link to AF. There are things a doctor can do about it so you must get that checked out. Ask specifically if it could be sleep apnia. Google it so that you understand it.


... sorry Ottis - wrong spelling. Never was my best subject. If you google 'sleep apnea a fib' it will link to several articles on this.


Hi Ottis...I cannot advise but only say how i solved a sleep problem

I have a hot chocolate about 1030 and sometimes to restore sleep pattern I

take with it a tiny portion of Nitol

I buy the 2 per night pack but as I say I ONLY take Half or less of one tablet.

or less until sleep pattern returns.

This works fine for me I hope it helps you if you check with your Gp that its ok so to do


I agree entirely about getting a sleep apnea test.

I still find it difficult to sleep on my left side, even after third and so far successful ablation. However, I do find taking magnesium citrate about half an hour before my head hits the pillow, helps my sleeping a lot.


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