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Hi everyone

I have just had my second cardiac ablation. I cant beleive how well I feel. I dont know what went so wrong with the first one, i ended up in CCU and my groin burst. I was very scared about doing this again. I am glad I did. It has only been two months since the first and two cardio versions. I will be leaving hospital today with a smile. Wishing all of you well and hope your experiences with AF are not all bad.

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Don't get too carried away please. Make sure you rest for at least two weeks and no heavy lifting!


We share your joy Ann and hope you remain well, but just remember your heart (and you have only got one) has taken a bit of a beating and so has your groin. Guess you will not want a repeat of your earlier ablation experience, so total rest for at least 2 weeks will help prevent that from happening. That said, stay positive and let us know how you progress....best wishes, John

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Take it easy and spend as much time as you can resting for at least a couple of weeks.

Good news

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Hi Pottypete 1 thank you for your reply and encouragement. I did need a reality check because it all went so well. The first one was such a train wreck. I didnt believe i could actually feel good again. Everything is still going well. I am home and going back to work on the 11th Nov.


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