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Swollen legs made worse by foolish actions

I have swollen legs most days due to AF and the drugs

My EP says it's a small price to pay as overall I'm doing ok my exercise tolerance is good and feel good mostly

Just had two weeks in florida and foolishly I used the hot tub a few time s and got a bit sun burn on my legs

Anyway the edema was excessive and very painful. Went to a Walgreens out there for advise of what I could use to help reduced swelling

Muscle rub 🤡 What ?

Well again I tried it now my legs are on fire painfull and difficult to walk around parks

I did get them down with rest and cooler temperatures

Never again now I need to sort myself out and minimise that happening again as my preferred holiday place ever might be at risk otherwise

Just putting this out there

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Muscle rub? What were they thinking! Sorry you had such a time with it all.

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Hope you feel better soon.

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If you have swollen legs due to heart or drugs, try raising the bottom of your bed - a couple of pillows under the mattress works well. This causes the swelling to slowly drain away over several weeks and I felt a whole lot better so my bed has been like this for past 7 years.


I too have swollen legs. Nurse says return valves don't work so well when we get older? I have had great success with elevating legs 6 inches above heart for an hour at night. A pile of pillows does it.


Obviously thought it was muscle swelling due to inflammation not anything else!


Believe it or not they treat heat edema using muscle rub high strength In Florida


A recent post mentioned Amlodapine causing swollen ankles...but similar med, Felodapine, did not!


I take diltyzem which does cause lower leg issues


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