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Uncomfortable beats

Hi all,I am two years post two AF/AF Flutter ablations and have been typical AF free since. For the past year however I have been having an increasing number of pauses and two weeks ago I had a cardiac monitor inserted to capture these incidences. Over the past four days my heart has constantly had short runs of palpitations(no arrhythmia) where the pounding is extremely hard, my chest feels tight and I have a pressure feeling behind my esophagus. These are exactly the symptoms I used to get as part of my AF episodes and have been virtually free of for two years but my EP cannot give a reason and does not feel the monitor could be causing them. Anyone else experienced anything like this?

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I am guessing that you mean a reveal (loop recorder) when you say inserted monitor and no I cant see how it could cause the symptoms you describe since it is merely gathering information. It should of course be able to record what is happening so that they can decide what treatment if any is required.


Thank you for that Bob.


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