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OH Dear?!

11yrs ago I had to be revived 3 x for cardiac arrest .They said I was lucky as a stent was inserted . Lucky? I had been having acupuncture all year after my urologist failed to refer me on for haematruria & the GPs ignored the what I know now to be heart failure symptoms I had been begging for assistance with to point I appealed to DLA who gave & took away till this happened . I had already been targeted out of my employment via the heart failure symptoms which became worse when had difficulty accessing antibiotics given at hospital apps as the GPs had said not taught about disability .A spina bifida was seen when had had research as to why cutis acute 3 weekly with incontinence/reflux problems.

Only lately have they acknowledged probably had AF since the MI even though had countless holder monitors even on day of MI .Did anyone want to know ? Then the pulmonary arterial hypertensions symptoms I found out about on 2 day stay in hospital were ignored until they revealed themselves with the Reveal Device revealing nothing else .Finally I got the diuretics after left to fester since acute 3 years earlier but the delay has caused lips- lymphedema stage 2 [ suspect] for which cannot access assistance as don't have cancer ....yet? !

If only every Dr could research creatively thinking out of the box so patient orientated not structured into tiers as I feel this should not be the approach as open to abuse.

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