Air travel and AF ?

Not sure I want to ask this question depending on the feed back, but at any rate here goes.. Had my ablation 9 mos ago. Doing very well, have only had two brief events lasting only 10 min and self corrected. Planning on traveling to Europe from U.S. In three weeks ( long plane ride 😳), my EP suggested that I have my PiP and also gave me a full prescription of Rythmol to have handy and take 3x daily as I had prior to my ablation, of courses if necessary. Just wondering what others experiences have been while travel overseas?

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  • Victoria just come to England and damn the AF. You will be fine. You MUST keep well hydrated and don't drink alcohol on the plane is all. You should be well recovered from the ablation by now so best avoid taking pills unless you really have to. Does you EP have shares in propafanone? (Rhythmol) (that is an English joke by the way) .

  • 😂. Thank you BobD, will do! As for his shares in Rhythmol not sure 🤔

  • The shares need a bit of a boost

  • Think I googled the wrong one

  • Come along and enjoy Great Britain, taking note of Bobs advice en route. Assuming you are landing in London then you are surrounded by amazing hospitals should you need af care right in the centre of our capital city and beyond.

    Enjoy your trip all will be well.

  • Thank-you meadfoot.. and you have national health, how does that work for foreigners?

  • Some might say sadly for us tax payers they get it free as well. lol. Too many health tourists coming here for major surgery , have their kids, etc but that is the way it is. You can't have free for one lot of people and not for others. You won't need it anyway Victoria.

  • I don't believe that England extends their National Health system to foreign visitors. I live in Canada and have British Citizenship as well as Canadian but when I visit England I have to have my own Insurance. And so it should be...

  • We have a card to cover health care for our trip to Europe but we still need insurance to cover the possible costs should we need repatriation as well as covering cancellation for medical reasons.

  • To well:-)

  • Don't assume that it will work for foreigners. You are likely to get emergency care only, and a lot of nasty questions asked about why you came to the UK etc - They do their utmost to sniff out anyone who comes here specifically for health reasons, and if they suspect you, you may well be refused care, especially in a hospital - except for a really unpredictable emergency. I recommend you make sure you are covered with health insurance just in case . . .

  • She would not like the usual five hour waits in A&E

  • U. S. ER's are sadly just as crowed and long waits, unless you arrive by ambulance with heart condition and you will be dealt with immediately. Just FYI if any of my U.K. A-Fib folks make a trip to the U.S. just keep that in mind. But of course we hopefully will have no need of their services!

  • We had a look into Cook County hospital where they filmed E.R. One doctor asked if he could help us and we just said why we were there so he gave us a tour.

  • Just come and enjoy. I am going the other way, Belfast to NYC x

  • Jollies, have a great time in NYC!!

  • Oh I intend to! So looking forward to it, and am not planning any trips to your er, ( would onlay be tempted if George Clooney were knocking around)

  • I flew to Australia from the UK just five weeks after my first ablation for AFib. No problems. Avoid the alcohol and stay well hydrated.

  • May be add some short walks through. airman during long travel to avoid thrombus. Or moving your foots and arms.

  • Make sure you keep hydrated is the best advice. I had a 3 hour flight and didn't keep hydrated enough I felt dreadful for a few hours post flight. Didnt realise that I hadn't drunk enough water. As soon as I rehydrated I felt great.

    Drink lots and lots of water and enjoy England.

  • Will do!!

  • i have air traveled a few times short and long plane rides with no ill effects so go for it enjoy your break ...... Don't forget to visit bonnie Scotland .

  • Love Scotland and England as well.. Actually I was born in Ramsgate, my Mom's a Brit !

  • I flew cross country (NY to CA) about 2 months after my ablation. No problem. I was still on all the meds then, so wasn't too worried. I was tired though and walking hills in San Diego was a bit challenging. Still, I just took it easy. Since coming off the meds, I've flown to Europe and back. Doc assured me I'd be fine, but I did carry backups of all my old meds. Didn't need them! Staying hydrated and frequent walks up and down the plane aisle helped a lot. And I certainly break the no alcohol rule, I just drink lots more water to make up for it! To each their own on that one. 😀 Have fun!!

  • Oh and insurance.... I do take out travel policies for trips abroad. Ones that cover preexisting cnditions. Used to be able to get an annual policy, but some weird NYS law changed in the last year and I can only get short term policies now. Worth it for the peace of mind.

  • Enjoy your trip and don't worry. I am in Persistent AF and travel the world. Don't let AF be the boss.

  • I'm on Rythmol and I flew Uk to Canada 2 weeks ago, then took a sea plane to Vancouver Island, flying back to UK tomorrow. No problems at all. My biggest fear with my ticker was if we met a grizzly when walking in the Rockies, but we didn't unfortunately, or fortunately 😃

  • I had a friend recently travel to Ireland and ended up with a pacemaker. He had been diagnosed with AFib years ago and had it well under control for years. He had also traveled before with no issues, however this time he ended up getting sick and an emergency pacemaker put in. Make sure you do have medical coverage when you travel. If you have Medicare- it won't pay if you get sick out of country. Other insurance may or may not- check first.

  • Well I had my oblation 3months ago I justcame off my 7days cruise I didn't fly I took the ship from New York. Everything went well ecept 4 the last day the sea was rough and I got a little excited other than that I was fine good luck

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