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Diet and AF (lone)

Hi . I am 60 yrs old female with 6 yrs history of AF. I have been avoiding MSG and amines in my diet for couple years. I am taking Flecanaide only when I have AF. My AF occurs only at night specially after heavy meals or eating food high in amines. Firstly my AF episodes were happening just once in the month, now they are twice a month on average. Mine cardiologist would like me to take Flecenaide twice a day 50 mg and Digoxin. I have read that Digoxin should not be prescribed for paroxysmal (lone ) AF. I booked myself for ablation next month. I would like any commands on diet and AF and also how successful is ablation for paroxysmal AF. Regards for all AF suffers.

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I suggest that you read up on different types of ablation, laser balloon, cryo balloon, spot ablation. The type of ablation will depend upon what they are trying to ablate. I had a laser balloon ablation to isolate the left side pulmonary veins, which was totally successful.

Regarding diet, I found that sugar , processed foods and caffeine were to be avoided totally.

I would suggest that you check the historic posts from 'srmgrandma' , who seems to have got the condition under control by diet alone.

Time for a complete diet review perhaps.

good luck



Thanks a lot Phil. I did read posts from "SRMgrandma", great reading. I found very hard to give up sugar, will try harder this year. Have to read more about laser balloon ablation, very happy it did work for you. Keep well.


Hi Ewcia, Not sure what amines are, haven't seen them mentioned before.

I suggest you politely as possible quiz your cardio not only on all drugs but also the level of the dose and your aversion or otherwise to drugs… is a team effort.

I am Lone PAF with a low normal pulse around 60 and AF episodes pushing the rate mostly into the 70/80's with intermittent much higher. Cardio put me just on Flecainide twice a day 50mg, didn't work….we then agreed before an ablation we would try 100mg twice a day…..worked fine no episodes or side effects for 9 months now. In addition to the drugs over that period, I have made major changes in lifestyle including diet and take supplements recommended by alternative practitioners with a view to decreasing the Flecainide as soon as I can.

Diet changes……largely concentrating on taking more care of the gastric side. Alcohol down to almost zero, less heavy red meat, more alkaline stuff e.g. salad, olive oil, less gluten and sugar. I believe the stomach, heart and brain are closely connected by the Vagal nerve which is a prime AF trigger for many.

Good luck with whatever route you choose you are in good company!


Hi. Thanks for your replay. Amines are found in "aged" food like cheese, yogurt, processed meat, and also in some vegies and fruits (citrus fruit , tomatos, avocados, very high in bananas , olives). What sort of supplaments are you taking ? I agree with your statement about vagal nerve.

Cheers. Keep well.


A Naturopath deals with AF by giving his patients Nutri Muscleze (it's Mg plus a lot of other things) and CoQ10. I checked with my GP, Cardio and EP first, they were not bothered either way.

I also take Krill oil and make sure I have quality filtered water.

Enjoy your day!


Racial. First may I say if you are a 60 year old lady you should have learned a long time ago the the only high class restaurant to eat in is "your own kitchen", this is a very good way to control a proper and controlled input into your body. This action may well help or assist in other problems you may have. With respect to you " booking yourself in for ablation" I most certainly do that, I would wait and let your ER do this. Stay well, J.


Thanks jnh1. You right, eating at home is the best, but sometimes impossible specially on holidays. Cheers.


My apologies,I'm just been cheeky. Take care of yourself. (Holiday? What does this word mean? I w I'll Google it. J (Portugal)


Hi ewcia, it sounds a bit as if your AF is just beginning to take over. I was on 150mgs of flecainide twice a day (having taken 100mgs increasingly unsuccessfully for three years) and found AF was doing much the same. Like flyfisher, I had a laser balloon ablation and ten months on I am no longer on flecainide and (fingers crossed) no longer having AF.


Great news. Feeling more positive before ablation in February. I am sick of frequent , nightly visits from PAF. So good to know I am not alone. Cheers .


I know some people feel ablation is a last resort or for serious cases only, but the success rate is high and I wish I had pushed for having it much earlier than I did. I'm ten thousand times better off than I was a year ago. Good luck! Don't be discouraged if it isn't an instant success - it can take time for the heart to settle down.


Thanks a lot Rellim 296. After reading many post on this great website I am not so sure if ablation is the go. Looks like for so many people arythmia did come back and for some more often or permanent. So confused, will see my cardiologist on the 10 of Feb, have so many questions to him. Cheers.Eva


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